Tuesday, May 22, 2018

31 Reasons


Hi Kids!


So I decided to take some inspiration from “13 Reasons Why” and create 31 Reasons Why. Not so much in the negative or sad state. But in a positive state and hopefully be able to inspire someone or prompt you all to do the same thing. And what exactly is different about the 31 Reasons Why?? A Lot. It’s nothing to do with suicide nor am I knocking it in anyway or form. Since I turned 31 this past Sunday, I spent a lot of time these last few weeks and months reflecting on my life, myself and goals I would like to accomplish as I continue to grow. A lot has happened and some of the things I’ve experienced took a bigger toll on me, others blew me completely away and I was never ready for the outcome of it.


Turning 31 has definitely been interesting. Even though I feel like I’m 92 honestly. My bones and everything aches like a motherfucker but what can you do? I tolerate it because I don’t want to smell like Bengay or Icy Hot lol. I can say this has been a really decent birthday in a long time. So that made me very happy. It also got me thinking about a few things, which is how I got to this point. I wanted to reflect on the things I’ve learned this last year or so. Things I hope for in the years to come. And also on how much I have and will be growing. It hit me heavy but it opened my mind and gave me a small but loud wake up call.  I was going to jot these down as small posts but eventually changed my mind and decided to make them more detailed and in depth. 


So I’ll be posting at least once or twice a day for this and I hope you all enjoy this little journey. It’s gonna be fun! Now what I will do is make a list at the bottom so if you happened to come in later on (which is fine, better late than never!) you can click on the topic and not have to sift through all the posts on here lol.



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