Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kwanzaa | Umoja | Unity


So a little different approach than what I normally do. But it makes things easier and more interesting right?? Less cliché. 

So this year like I said was a rough year and I went through a lot of heartbreak and heartache. As the year comes to a close I have more time to focus on what’s more important to me. And what should be important. 

Unity doesn’t always have to mean that you have to have a unified situation or relationship going on with others. Sometimes in fact you have to have unity with yourself so you can share and promote the unity within to others. I found myself not being true to myself this year. I was so focused on helping others, being there for them and showing them how much I care by going above and beyond. And guess what? Not only did I get screwed over and stuck in some really messed up situations that I could’ve avoided if I had been true to myself. 

So for the new year I want to focus on me. I realize I’ve been slacking on that and that’s not good. I’m important too. I matter too! Sometimes no matter what you do or how you are as a person others don’t see it and you know what? That’s ok. They don’t have to. They’re not required to. Just look at it as them fighting with their own unity within themselves. And remember you can still be unified with someone that you don’t get along with or don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with. 


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