Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kwanzaa | Nia | Purpose


I feel some people force a purpose on others to satisfy what’s traditional and acceptable in today’s society. When I feel it’s not even that. Purpose is something we have to find on our own. Hell even I don’t even know what my purpose is. But my cats give me a purpose which makes me content. But I hate people telling me my purpose is to be a wife and cater to a man and have babies. My purpose is to love a broken man who doesn’t want to be loved. My purpose is to love and support people who don’t give a damn about me. My purpose is to do what everybody else wants without complaining. No. No that’s not my purpose. In my heart I know it’s wrong, it hurts and I damn sure don’t like it. Can’t be true then. 

I could never force someone to be something they’re not or don’t want to be. That’s like taking away apart of their individuality and hoping they don’t turn into a robotic copy. That ain’t happening. And what’s sad so many people want the world that way. 

I just hope in the years to come that I do find out what my purpose is or was or will be. And I hope that the rest of the world can be more open minded to the possibility of purposes owning individuality and not traditional attributes. 


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