Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kwanzaa | Kujichagulia | Self-Determination


This was something I was lacking in BIG TIME! I think a lot of us do. We get focused on impressing people, pleasing others, making someone else happy and giving them what they want—that we miss out on doing the same for ourselves. 

I learned this year not so much to continue to stand up for myself. But do for myself like I’ve done with others. I ended up in the position where I was financially broke, stuck in legal system mess, stuck in a situation I didn’t want and a broke down car and no job. And it wasn’t good and it was hard to stay positive and encourage myself. What I’ve learned is that for 2018 no more. No more doing for others and hoping they do for me. It has nothing to do with being independent or a strong black woman—NO! I need to focus on me and my doings and situations. Because when I do I feel so accomplished and empowered. Got my car fix after 6months of it being broke down. And I worked hard and finally got it done and I felt so happy when I got it back. To the point I’m working hard so that I can get it fixed and ready PERMANENTLY for the road. Because I found out no ones going do it for me. 

I plan to live 2018 the same way. Doing for me. I want to be able to define myself in away that I never have before. And I want you to do the same. 


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