Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hi kids!

I thought this was interesting. 

Now most of you know, when engaging in any sex of any kind you should always use protection as much as possible. So whether it be vaginal, oral, or even anal—WRAP SOMETHING UP! 

Now let's talk about oral sex. 

We all love it. We find it enjoyable and it's probably the next best thing to waffles (because pancakes trump all lol). But you should use a condom or dentaldam. THIS of course prevents STIs like Herpes from being transmitted. 

But what about your tongue?? Like at first this was funny but seriously why isn't that a thing?? 

Ok but before I get ahead of myself 


It's funny—hilarious even. 

But seriously why isn't this a thing?! Yeah your mouth is the quickest healing part on your body. And can withstand man germs, bacteria and such. But what if you need more than dentaldam??? Not all guys know how to eat the cooter. They wanna explore pass the Vag Door and get inside (even though they'd be fine with the doorbell aka clitoris)....

I can say from a female's stand point some women don't keep the Vagina as clean as they should. Who wants to go into a haunted house with more cobwebs and creepy crawlers than expected??? Not I! 

But we also know cold sores happen inside the mouth. So can herpes too! That dentaldam can do but only so much. 

They need to make this a thing! 


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