Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pet Condoms


Yes you read that correctly! 

So I happen upon this by chance looking for material for Condom Week as usual. Though I think I out did myself years ago with that awesome Condom Week Safe Sex Awareness month years ago lol. 

Anyway. I thought it was hilarious. Like really?? They make a condom that little and inconspicuous to the pet to use so you're not a grand mommy to pups and kits? What the actual hell?? So I did some research and actually it has an awesome story behind it. 

So we all know it's best to spay and neuter your pets, right? For their best interest and for the next generation's and yours as well. Because let's face it. You decide on what you can handle as owner. I know my limit is two cats and maybe a fish. But 8 cats??? Yeah it's going to be a problem lmao. So these Pet Condoms  They're actually an advertisement wrapped in a cute condom wrapper to promote the positives of spay and neutering pets! How cool is that?? 

Check out this video! 

I'm blow away at this advertising win! I'm shocked that this wasn't a national thing! If only they could promote this kind of awareness for younger generation and hey it can be a baby doll or a baby item even with a tag on it and a fact. Or even a link to a website that shows the positives of safe sex! 

I say pet condoms are for the WIN! 


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