Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kwanzaa | Kuumba | Creativity

 Kuumba means Creativity

"To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it."

As with a lot of relationships after a while of being together you guys lose sight on creativity within the relationship. Yeah it can get boring and stale and will even drag on and feel like a boring routine. But you've got to be creative and do things you've never done before to keep it exciting. My boyfriend was fun in the beginning and we had a blast! But then we got comfortable and that comfortability turned to boredom. We just sat around each other just to be sitting around each other. We didn't work on changing things. Then it got to the point he didn't want to do anything. No outings or dates. No more watching movies or TV together. It was just I’mma sit here and watch football games all day and you're gonna sit here with me and enjoy it. Well I don't want to. I like sports but I don't want to spend the whole day watching football games all day long. Maybe for an hour or two or let's watch a movie or something else. I even get turned off when he says oh you're making me miss the game. No I’m not. So I go upstairs to watch tv here he comes and it's like this back and forth I gotta do what you think is fun. Ok and I will but not excessively to the point I'm bored and can't entertain myself in another activity. 

Here's the gist! It doesn't have to be expensive date or fancy flowers or even some outrageous declaration of love and affection. It can be a picnic in the park or even an outing to the mall. It’s the effort that counts the most. But it’s like once someone gets comfortable the creativity stops and becomes a boring routine. Honestly I miss his creativity. The random love notes he wrote were the best. It wasn’t Shakespeare but I love them anyway because he cared about me enough to convey those feelings on paper. But it’s like I’ll ask if I need to get flowers to keep me from being mad at him. I want you to do it because you want to. Not because you had to or was trying to find a resolution.


So don’t miss out on someone great because you think doing something is corny or a waste of time. It’s the little things that counts and makes them happy & love you even more. So for 2017 be creative!




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