Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Game Players

Since I got a few moments I might as well get my frustrations out. 

So let's back it up. When I decided to have my wisdom teeth removed that process started back in March. I was getting awful headaches and could barely chew anything due to the pain. It took me forever to find a place that would remove them without me having to pay out of pocket or my insurance only cover a small portion. So I told my supervisor when my surgery was going to be. Even though I found out last minute myself (about a week and half in advance) I let her know immediately. Long story short. I asked to have the day off. She told me no. I asked for a half a day; still told me no. Then told me to reschedule it. I am not going to reschedule major surgery because it doesn't fit your schedule. So I got mad and decided then it was time to find a new job. Which I did. 

So started the new job last month. Even though they half assed training and it was basically garbage. They waited to last minute to give us our schedules. Now I decided to work both jobs because that is a better income. But the new job wanted me to work an 11-hour shift. So I'm like what about my other job? Right now the other job which I'm part time at is my only source of income. He told me to either quit, work on the weekends or borrow money. Now they haven't paid me. So I'm suppose to be ok getting a $200 check maybe on the 5th and wait until the 20th of July for an actual paycheck?? Dude no. I can't work weekends because the other place is open Monday- Friday. He said well you probably going to have to quit because we need you here. What about part time?  Nope. No part time. So I have to work the 10am to 8:45pm shift? Nah. Luckily I was on lunch break and left. Haven't been back since. Because that ridiculous. You don't want to work around my schedule and when I was trying to fix the issue you kept brushing me off. So that right there had me mad as hell. Like you're basically forcing me to quit the other job. But you haven't taught me everything I need to know to do this job. It's like fucked up all the way around. 

So! Today is payday. We're suppose to get a paper check. Which is weird. But whatever. Now they said oh checks will be available between 9am to 11am and then like 2 to 3pm. I got here at 9:50. No checks. I waited until 10am no checks. I went to go ask the one woman I saw coming out of her office about when they were going to be available. She brushed me off and walked down the hallway like I was decor or something. I said ok, that's fine. I waited to 10:30—still no checks. I got shit to do today. It don't include being up here all day. 

So because I decided to quit you want to act petty as hell. You haven't paid me and I worked with you for a WHOLE MONTH. You're not going to tell me to sit at home and be broke because that's what you want. Oh hell no. I don't like places or people that play games like that. Now when I got hired they asked me if I was ok with the 5a to 1:45 shift. Yes. I was told that would be my shift. Ok found out it might change. I'll get more info on picking a shift the second week of training. Then nothing. Then you tell me the last week of training that I have no choice but to accept this shift whether it's 10-8 or 8-6 it puts me in the position to forcefully quit my other job but you not giving me enough money to pay bills. Just enough for gas for the car and food here and there. That is asinine! 

It's now 11. I will check once more but if my check isn't made available Imma have a WHOLE ASS ATTITUDE. 

Like don't play games with my money. You got me fucked up if you think I won't talk bad to you over it. 

So now I'm super agitated for the rest of the day. 

But people who play games like that are the ultimate shitheads to me. Like because you're bored or miserable you wanna fuck up someone else's day or life or whatever—HELL MONEY EVEN! Then you want to be all victim or upset because someone has to dig in your ass and tell you about yourself!? HAH! Please! I really don't have the patience or time for basic ass people. 

I do know one thing though. I ain't leaving this gosh damn hell hole till I get my money.  


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