Monday, April 11, 2016

Old Enough

There are moments in my life where I catch myself wondering if I'm old enough to be doing what I'm doing whatever the task at hand may be. 

Majority of the time I always feel like I'm too young. Too young for a serious relationship, too young to figuring out if an IRA is better than a 401K, too young for marriage and kids—too young to be adulting in general. Even though next month I'll be 29! 

It's crazy actually. The more and more I get into my daily activities and make plans and changes to suit myself so that I can expand and grow. I also feel contradictory and feel too old to not have it together as I look at other people who are my age or older or those who were my age at some point. Hell my parents were homeowners by time they reached my age and were married for 10years at least too!  I feel so out of place sometimes like I want to be ready and I know in my heart I can be ready. But my insecurity makes me feel like I'm not ready for this. 

I know I still have tons of stuff to learn and time to grow still. There are moments where I feel like a scared little kid and need the guidance of an adultier adult lol. Or least someone to tell me that I'm going in the right direction—for the moment lol. 

I hope by 30 I can have it together a little bit. Least to stop stressing about whether I'm old enough to be grocery shopping by myself or having sex with my boyfriend or not lol. 


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