Thursday, February 18, 2016

Caution: Safety Ahead!

So in the midst of trying to find different things for Condom Week this year. I actually came across this awesomeness. 

For those of you that know me you know my deal and for those of you who don't. I've been battling irregular periods and fertility for years now. And it seemed like last year it decided to regulate itself again and come....normally. Which is like nothing out of the ordinary for majority women. What's crazy. It seems more aggressive than it's ever been before. So I don't know if it's with age or because I'm in the "best phase of my life to be reproducing." Either way it comes majority of the time on time and last no more than two weeks which I can deal with. 

Anyway I've been tracking it often lately because when I was with my ex I had a pregnancy scare. And I'm like oh no not again got to do better. So I basically follow my menstrual cycle not to get pregnant but to prevent pregnancy. I just want to know which days are off limits and which ones aren't. Even though I'm not active sexually at the moment. I don't want got have an accident that I'm not really REALLY ready for lol. So trying to find a way to track this was and still is a pain. I found two that I like so far. One is the Period Diary and the other Eve. If they could throw those two together I'd be happy camper. Because my periods lengths are never the same. Sometimes if I run into 3 weeks of spotting the app gets confused and tell me I'm wrong. Well my Japanese flag panties say otherwise missy!

Anyway whilst I was looking at the one app (Eve). They have different tidbits for safe sex which I think it's completely awesome sauce. And a few I was aware but not fully sure about. And even some I didn't know about!! 

So I thought I would share that all with you guys and dolls and those of you just entering into adulthood and want to go about sex the right way (the safe way of course!) and learn something new!! 

It's all about education here but also fun too!! 


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