Monday, February 1, 2016

A Resolution For the Resolutions

Hi kids!!

Happy New Year!!

I'm sorry I'm super duper late. But reiterate than never right??

In the midst of trying to recuperate and get my life together I couldn't post on this like I wanted. However I did decide that I didn't want life getting in the way of me blogging. Yeah I've met new friends whom I love but sometimes they're busy handling their own lives and I still need a way to vent. And I still want you guys to know I'm still a little weirdo just leveled up a bit lol.

But onto the topic at hand (more about me later lol). What I found out that this year tons of people were going crazy just to manifest a New Years resolution. Yet they're making the same resolution or they've already half-assed it or quit it or drug it out until February. I know I said I would blog more in January and I didn't. I get life gets in the way but they're making long term goals with a short term goal mindset and that's not good. It's exasperating and ultimately not good. You want a beach bod by summer but you look like beached whale. No Hun it don't work that way. Or people want a new girlfriend or boyfriend or to level up their relationship by spring or summer. And they don't even know their significant other's middle name or if they're sure about spending forever (and having kids) with this person. You'll fail each time if you do that. 

So why not find a resolution for the resolution?? Stop saying what you fin to do and do it. You don't need the new year to make it official or feel special or feel like you can accomplish something by the end of the year. A year is still a year no matter when it starts. But if you want change you got to be the change you want. Or fix or adjust your lifestyle according. I decided that this year I'm going to stop running from my debts. Me hoping they'll disappear isn't going to solve my problems and makes my situation worst down the road. I've also decided to stop worrying so much about other people. Some people don't want to be saved/helped. So I'm not anymore. Fell on my ass trying to figure out where I went wrong. But while I'm trying to help everyone else I was letting myself go by the wayside and that's not good. Hell I almost lost my home worrying about someone else's homelessness. 

So I've decided to take action and work hard and find a resolution to all this. I may have to struggle some more. And may even get a couple more jobs if I need be. Or even a new one entirely paying more money just so I can get back on the right track. But I also know things take time and I can't rush into it either. Even though I might be anxious for the future and want things to turn out fine. I need to learn to calm my tits, slow down and hope that all works out in due time. So instead of long term goals with short term goal mindset, try to achieve small goals you know you can accomplish.. In the long run it can be help and could possibly bring a future you hadn't even imagined. This year let's find a resolution to the resolutions and be better than we were in previous years.


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