Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kwanzaa | Nia


To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. 

I think as of now I thought I knew what my purpose was. But then I found out that I was wrong. Well not so much wrong but incorrect to a point. I'm finding things about myself that I never new existed. As well nostalgically revisiting who I was and reinventing that into something more modernesque. I think this new found understanding is what I was lacking when I last wrote about Nia two years ago. 

2 years ago-even 3 years ago you couldn't have told me that I would be the person I am. I was full fledge bad ass who couldn't stand men and wanted to be the ultimate hot ass cat lady every to walk this earth. Boy was I wrong! Or delusional. Probably both in some regards lol. I found out two cats were too much for me to handle. I found several relationship prospects. One whom (was mentioned in the previous post) was able to open my heart and emotions up. Make me vulnerable against my wishes. But he made me be able to fully accept the man I'm with now. I wouldn't have it any other way. Hell I didn't think I'd be in a decent relationship with a guy who not only respects me and values me. But treats me like his best friend. Is he the one?? Ehhh let's not get carried away lol. We've known each other for 6months and been together for 4 of them and I'm quite contented. 

But that's the beautiful thing. The whole while I was thinking I was meant to be alone and unhappy and basically always be a side chick. Things have changed and so has my outlook on what my purpose may be. Yeah the first purpose could've been it. But it doesn't mean we have to have just ONE SOLITARY PURPOSE to manifest our lives after. No. You can have more than one. They can coincide with the times or different events that take place in life. There's a reason why there are Jacks (& Jackies) of all trades. 


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