Thursday, April 23, 2015

That's A Misconception


I think what's wrong in today's world is the fact that people don't have any regards to their fellow man or woman. They've turned into selfish people the whole while hoping that they get that neighborly love from others but in the mean time they treat you like shit. 


That seems to happen a lot in the work place and I don't understand that. Like don't expect an employee to be ok with staying at the bottom of the totem pole their entire life or when you no longer have use for them. My job is a prime example. 

Though I love working there besides the hard labor. I enjoy the people I work with and feel very comfortable. However I dont like just working minimum wage and being forced to stay there. Like im not trying to aim for management. But I do want something more. I dont like that my managers are petty. I dont like that the pay sucks. I dont like having to do 5 jobs but only get a paycheck for one job. Most places dont offer health insurance or raises or even promotions. My job does but it takes forever. What I especially dont like is the fact that there are people at my job who bust ass everyday and do great but it goes unrecognized and the admiration goes to the one kid who not only calls off or never shows but has an bad attitude and is either eventually going to quit or get fired. That's wrong. Or they fire the wrong people for the pettiest of reasons and that's just plain sad. 


However we as a people have evolved. We dont care as much if we get fired or lose a job. Well look for another one and in most cases we have a side hustle to make up for what the job lacks. But in this day and age you have to. One job wont cut it. Two doesn't even cut it. But things are costly and while those things are going up. The pay is going down but they expect you to survive without any assistance or handouts or help. But it doesn't work. It makes it hard for us to plan ahead for the future. 

But its like society has this thing where they want us to succeed but not pass a certain point. If we get too close to going over that point or make it over. There's always some wild ass disaster that happens. Whether its losing a job, garnishments, backed taxes or something that's so far out of our control that we can change or alter it at all. Its cruel and unusual behavior to be honest. But it seems the way life is set up. Maybe its a population control technique or a way to make sure the rich stay rich. Because there isn't any more middle class. There's poverty, poor and rich. No in between. Hell poverty is like two inches under poor. So to me its one in the same but to society its not. 


I'm surprised that in this day and age that the need for survival has become a controlled side show of the fittest but yet its still fixed and in the end you may never win or succeed or get out of a vicious circle you're being forced to participate in. Its ultimately sad really.


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