Monday, February 16, 2015

STDs vs. States

I came across this while on Facebook last year (yeah I always do my homework ahead of time lol). I found it to be very interesting.

This article talk about the top 10 states that are the worst places to get a STD! Honestly it came as a surprise to me because some of those places I would've never thought would be in this list. Check it out:

Worst States for STDS (source)

  1. Louisiana 
  2. Mississippi
  3. Georgia 
  4. Alabama 
  5. South Carolina 
  6. Arkansas 
  7. Illinois 
  8. Texas 
  9. New York 
  10. North Carolina

But then I wonder well what exactly are the best states for STDs. What's meant by that is what states are better to NOT catch or has a LOW RISK of STDs. I searched until I found a list. Check out the best states:

Best States for STDs (source)

  1. West Virginia 
  2. Maine 
  3. Vermont 
  4. Utah 
  5. Wyoming 
  6. Montana 
  7. Idaho 
  8. New Hampshire 
  9. Nebraska 
  10. Minnesota

Now if you're in a state like mine who isn't listed. It makes you wonder where you're state lies in this STD chaos, right?? Well I went on another search to find out where the other 28 states stood in this worst and best case scenario of STDs. So I came across this article on NerdWallet and it gives the full list of all of the 48 states and where they rank in STDs. My state came in 21st, which in one since I'm shocked, as many people here bank on sex and do so unsafely there's no way it's in the middle. But all things are baffling. Want to know where your state ranks?? Check out Common Types of STDs: Statistics by State. Now please be aware that these statistics are for 2014 and things may be different. But it's still informative either way.

However I do think we all need to grow up and learn to protect ourselves and not play with STDs. It's as equally big and damaging as an unplanned pregnancy. Whether you know it or not, people will judge and base your sexual relationships and the diseases you caught in the process to heart. Heck I had a guy turn me down because of it, but unlike everyone else I don't make it apart of my life to catch it em, I don't want to be the Pokemon master of STDs. Neither should you.

So please use a condom, get to know the person at least a week before you sleep with them.You wouldn't give some stranger your bank account, social security number and other personal information. You need to treat your penis/vagina the same way.


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