Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fruit Punch.....[Literally]

Hi guys and dolls!!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I fucking missed you guys and I really mean that!
I didn't want you all to think I forgot about you or I moved on and decided to get rid of the blog. No no honey bunnies.
Last you heard from me, I was probably in dire need (and I'm too lazy to go see what it was lol) so we'll recap back to this time last year when I got a job working at a school bus company. around the end of February 2014. Honestly I was really happy and excited because I had been applying to places and wasn't getting much luck. I mean, who would've thunk droppin out of college and taking care of my sick mother before she died would actually do more harm than good. I'm feelin like Mother Theresa over here and society is like OMG you're a total bum fuck loser no we won't hire you, you irresponsible crayon eater! So getting that job made me happy......but not for long.
Whilst I was getting paid the big bucks and I was happy and giddy, brought some furniture for my livingroom things were looking up. Until they started fucking with my check and treating me worst than a step child and then I found out this wasn't for me. They made me do training for a school bus driver but then had the nerve to make me a monitor, but not pay me monitor wages and I'm like I didn't bust my ass for two weeks without pay to be a monitor that's crazy. The horror stories I got from working there makes me not want to send my kids on the yellow safety bus of doom....AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!! But after all was said and done they fired me after my birthday but didn't tell me I was fired until the following week. But I didn't care the job was stressful and my wages had start going down too and that wasn't cool. And to top it off I was getting laid off for three months and couldn't collect unemployment and yeah so I was screwed either way you looked at that situation.
So being unemployed didn't help much, not only did I lose my car (even though I got a good deal for it), I couldn't find a job, I was broke and I felt like I was going to end up homeless all over again. Hell I even tried to be a sugar baby. There are like no sugar daddies here smh. But I had faith that it would work out, I took in boarders, I sold some stuff and hussled as much as I could to get the money I needed to mostly take care of my pets and the house. There were moments were I felt things wouldn't straighten out and it was quite frustrating but I held on to the faith that it would work out.
Thus, I got a new job, at the end of July. I work as a cashier at a place that I respectfully call "The Depot" lol. It's full of nuts, that includes my coworkers, the customers and the random people I see through out the day. Now believe it or not this job is sure enough hard labor. I wear steel toed boots, a back brace too so I can lift up the 50lbs of food all day long. I was fucking exhausted my first week or so. But look at me now I've been there for 6months and been doing a good job. Honestly out of all my jobs I've had, I actually love working there. Mostly for the people I work with and the customers who are business owners, I've gotten to know. Yeah I hate lifting 50lb sacks of potatoes, onions and cabbages and 40lbs of chicken all day non stop but it's a job, it pays the bills, feeds my kids and for a while life was sweet.
I also got a new pet!! A guinea pig named Charley, who used to be named Wheezy lol. He's a sweetie, here's this the kittens were mad I brought him home haha. Lily was mad she was the middle child, Hawthorn had flashbacks of when i brought Lily home and here's the best part--They all get along really well. The kittens are afraid of him and he knows it but they play it tag when I let him out and chase each other, it's hilarious but the kits go over and give him kisses and hugs. Unfortunately McCunt Bubbles AKA Raiden the fish he died around November or so. Honestly I was surprised he lived so long, the kits miss him I think, so I may get a goldfish or something to make them happy again. Plus goldfish are cheaper and eat what's sold at walmart lol.
Hmm, what else??
In the midst of all those goings on in life, I had a few choice encounters with the opposite sex. Some were good, some were those that made you retort WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK and others were nothing out of the unusual. Had a few losers who wanted to move in with me. One I don't think had shit of his own. The other he wanted to move in after two weeks of us talking and of course after he left his wife's house and brought their 4 kids to live with us. I'm like dude no, you got me fucked up. You ain't moving in, your kids damn sure aint coming here and you claim to be "divorced" from your wife with whom you still live with (and is still married to; don't believe the hype). So he told me that I need to learn to accept that a man has kids whether I like it or not because I'm not gettin no younger and men got kids. I'm like you know what you right, I do accept that men have kids. But it doesn't mean I'mma put up with that bullshit though.
Then of course I met the regular fucktards who want naked pictures or my phone number. I had one dude who was made from lies. Like no kidding, he lied about where he lived, his phone number was a lie and he was trying to force me into a relationship and then make me move to Washington DC and got mad when I said no. Who the fuck jumps into a relationship with a fucker they don't know?! Besides stupid one in the correct mind frame is going to do some dumb shit like that. So then I started talking to this one guy who is nice and all but he's miserible as fuck and he reminded me of the guy who broke my heart in May 2014 who was equally miserible. Honestly you can't make a miserible person happy. You can try, but trust me you won't get anywhere. These men were both one in the same, their life is fucked up and everything is their baby's mama's fault.  Yeah it could be to a point, but you not having a job or having a fucked up day for the moment has nothing to do with her, that's straight up you dude. Bottom line you had sex with her volunteerily. No one forced your penis in her vagina and I doubt she raped you. Yawl need to stop that, same goes for the women too. It's no one's fault but your own so man or woman up accept the fuck up and move on. You stand there and whine about it and you'll end up being lost to what's going on around you and you'll definitely miss out on something really nice or awesome things. So by September I just couldn't deal with him anymore. Plus he was always talkin about what he was going to do and never did anything and it let me further know how much of a loser he truly was.
Then around October, I met this really great guy or so I thought--then lol. The way we met was beyond romantic. There I was waiting for the bus after work so I could go home and he was in traffic and honked the horn at me and waved. I usually wave back even if I don't know the person because I feel bad that they might feel stupid once they figure out that they may have mad a mistake. So he went up the street and popped this wild U-turn to come and sit at the bus stop with me and talk to me for about an hour or so. I was honestly shocked and in all my years I've never had a guy leave me so speechless. I will say his game was smooth and well on point. We hooked up and messed around for awhile. Now in the beginning I'll be honest and say I personally felt it wasn't going to last or really work out because it happened so perfectly. We work close to each other (literally next door). We both were single, and we had good chemistry. It was just too perfect. Even the sex was worth it, no doing so without protection wasn't the best thing at any time we did lol. But I don't regret it, and I enjoyed his company. Hell I'm not even mad we broke up. We had a rough spot that we handle but then it came back again and I didn't like that. I wanted to spend time with him, he was basically pretending to be Casper the friendly ghost on me. The last time I heard from him was Christmas Day. I didn't like being strung along or hearing that he was too busy or had other stuff to do when he found enough time to visit is his family which he drove 6 hours to and back and often. Eventually my schedule changed to where we were on the same time 6 or 7am to 3 or 4pm and we work next door for pete's sake. But then I found out he was looking at my facebook and because he did that I could look at his since we weren't friends and had no mutual friends involved, I also found out he lied too. He told me he had been in Pittsburgh for 6months, it was actually a year. It also said he was in a relationship, which I still think he was regardless of what he said or did he just acted like it and I think she lived in Philly too. But all in all I wasn't mad and I'm still not. A lot of people ask me what's going on and I'm like I dunno. I'm assuming it's over and I like it that way.  I enjoyed the 4 and half months we spent together and I had a blast! But somethings are meant to be enjoyed for the moment and not be a lasting memory you know.
Now when he cuffed me I was shocked all the guys that were upset about it!! Like oh my goodness, I couldn't believe it lol. Even now I get a few guys popping outta nowhere and wanting to hook up. But for now I'm cool. I don't think I can do a relationship. I need someone I can do the nasty with and go check out booties and marathon Netflix or Hulu with who doesn't want much more than that. I don't care if it's a guy or a girl or both lol, I can't take the stress of a relationship and the bullshit that comes with it you know?? Since I don't want marriage or kids then I don't want to be wasting someone else's time when they could be finding that person they need for that particular role. I just want a loyal fuck buddy lmao.
As for now I'm trying to get life together, I'm bein garnished for student loans which pisses me off because I'm working minimum wage and busting my ass for over 40 hours a week and they feel it necessary to take $100 or so and say fuck my bills and other shit. I'm like I'll be damned if my cats shit in my house and I end up homeless. I was like ready to quit my job because I refuse to work for 40 hours and get less than part time pay. That's a no go Joe! So now I'm going to see about getting a car so at least I can get to and from work and even possibly get back to my jitneying trips and make some extra money that'll at least cover what I'm losing in garnishment or even get a second job. Mostly I want the car now since I was late for work waiting for a bus that never showed up and the public transit is ok with that happening but I can't be 30mins late for work either. Plus I left my wallet at home the other night that has my money and bus pass and I had to walk home from work because my cousin never came to get me. So after walking 5 miles home for 3 hours in a fucking snow storm....yeah this week has been a challenge for me lol. 

But I'm tryin really hard to make this all work out. Why exactly I haven't found out just yet but I still try. Kind of annoying but it's whatever you know?? I still have many things I'd like to do but for now I'll focus on the now and work as hard as I can and try to make things as comfortable for all of us as I can.

So now you're up to date. I'll try to post as often as I can, my job keeps me beat since I'm working 9-10hours a day because we're currently short staffed. And my iphone broke again so I've yet to get that fix so I'm on a cheapo phone that barely supports facebook. How lame is that??? Smh, eventually I'll get that fucker fixed or replace it with a new one depends on how I feel. If apple keeps making cheap crap I mines well stick to a cheap phone and call it a day ya know?? 

But I shall keep in touch, I also appreciate all of you who's been checking out the facebook page, that makes me really happy :D but it would make have an orgasm if you liked it though lol. 

I'm alive, I'm kickin I'll try my best to do posts, they'll probably be short little somethings, but it's the thought that counts right?? Plus I could NOT not do Condom Week this year! I think I'll go into a different direction this year but it'll still be fun though :).

And if I didn't tell you, I missed you all so very much!! 


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