Friday, February 6, 2015

Car Buying


This is a quickie since I have to get up early and work tomorrow :p I got spoiled not having to work weekends now I'm back working weekends and it sucks ass lol

Anyway, since I lost my super duper minivan back in June, I've been bussing it or walking it out all over Pittsburgh, which sucks because the town I live in has little to nothing available. Hell our grocery store opens late in the morning and closes early as hell so it doesn't give me much when shopping. The small stores like CVS and Walgreens don't have everything I need. Then trying to make a HUGE shopping trip whilst walking majority of the way and waiting for a lame ass bus is like torture within torture. So I decided I wanted to get a car as fast as possible and something reliable that'll get me to and from work and to the grocery store and maybe an outing every now and then. Plus I would like to get back to jitneying and if possible pick up a second job maybe.

Well today I had an appointment at the CarHop which always boasts about how fast they'll get you into a car and how easy it is and how there's little to no paperwork. Not only did I have to wait an extra 10mins from my 10:15am appointment today, but that quick 15-20minutes process quickly turned into a 1 hour and a half process and it made me late for work too on top of that. But half the shit I had to go through was ridiculous!! I know why it's needed and I get it but honestly all of that could've been avoided if the man I talked to on the phone told me I'd be there over an hour or so and that I would need additional paperwork and 12 references and be willing to pay for a $350+ bill every month too which I thought was a bit much for a used car lot. Like who the fuck want's to pay $400 for a car that has THOUSANDS of miles on it???

So I realized something today, sometimes if it sounds too good to be true.....usually it is or it comes with a lot of extra bullshit that for some reason needs to be kept secret until later. Like I get that some information isn't necessary until the opportune moment comes, but if you know that I'll need references or my W2 or several paystubs then that's something you need to tell me no one wants to keep making several trips for no reason.

Regardless, I'm still going to look for a car because I want and need one. I'm tired of depending upon people who are suppose to be reliable but they're fucking like ghosts whenever you call their ass for a ride or a favor. I do got one who's cool peeps and I love her to death for helping me out. She even offers, like and she shouldn't have to when I got a broke ass lazy ass unemployed ass cousin that could be helping me but he wants to do it when he feels like it or when his chick won't give him any money. Like nigga please!!

But whatevs. I have faith that one day I'll get a little ride and be able to upgrade myself into a better situation. Until then, I'll keep on walking and catching the bus.

c'est le vie--


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