Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Great Wall Of Vagina

So I came across this awesome phenomenon a few weeks ago on Facebook and knew this would be something I talked about with you all.

Honestly, I want to see the great wall of vagina because it's absolutely awesome to see all the different types of pussies (catch that pun? lol). Go watch the video below:

Now unlike the last post dedicated to the vagina which was purely done for entertainment. I actually fell in love with this particular one only because it shows over 400 types of vaginas. Why does that excite me you ask?? I'll tell you. It's exciting because as a woman they show this one perfect pussy and tell you that basically if your shit doesn't look like this pussy you're doomed and how dare you for having an ugly pussy. It's already hard enough having a dude look at it and tell you how ugly it is, let alone having society tell you how a pussy should look.

Like fuck out of here! You can't change the way your body looks, you get what you're given. You can fine tune it (unless you got the money to do upgrade it to premium membership status) but that's about it. But no girl should have to wonder if she has a "good looking" pussy or not. They're all beautiful dammit and if someone says otherwise they've probably never seen their shit before or took time out to check it out. Hell ladies go grab a mirror now and check out your cooter. I'll wait.

Done?? Great!! Here's some food for thought, your vagina is awesome, by far the awesomenest thing I have yet to see and who gives a damn?? We are women, our vaginas are not suppose to look like this photoshopped 9 year old crotch. It goes through a lot of shit, including aging and maturing so yeah there's a low chance that there are doppelganger vaginas out here and if there are please show them to me. But this guy, Jamie McCartney shows you all the different REAL vaginas and lets you know that they're all good enough and so frigging awesome to the point we can hang this beautiful body part on the walls. I totally agree with him. We already grow into puberty awkwardly and harshly and can't decipher what's beautiful between the media and the society rulings on how we should be this perfect utopia of beings. It's not possible, and no one should be made to feel bad about their body image in any way or form.

Your body is a beautiful thing and always will be as long as you take good care of it. No you don't need to look like a super model or movie starlet to be beautiful. If you feel it in your heart an d you're happy with who you are as an individual then there's nothing to worry about. If someone judges base on how "imperfect" you pussy or even the cock looks, tell them to go kick rocks because it's like get the fuck over yourself shithead. No one is paying thousands to have plastic surgery done to get a better looking crotch. That's asinine.

So Ladies, love what's in between your legs. It's the most beautiful thing ever. Even if you think it looks very unattractive....Bunny's here to tell you it's the bees-knees! Guys, there isn't a perfect pussy, if you can't get with it, then you need to examine the nonsense in between your legs ok?! Love the pussy, just don't treat it like a sex toy, treat it like a work of art that can never be replaced or replicated.


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