Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Corner Of Lilith Rosetta


Lily: *imma sneak in the closet, she can't see me #stealthmode* 

Bunny: Lilith! 

Lily: *how she see me? I'mma distract her...* mew *#stealthmode yo!* 

Bunny: LILITH! NO!

Lily: *dammit...* MEW!

Bunny: I said NO! 

Lily: *bitch got me fucked up, I'm bout dat life, wit her human ass* 

Bunny: I SAID NO! T_T 

Lily: NOOOO-uh! *im leavin anyway, fuck yo bedroom rules* 

Bunny: BIT—I don't like you Lily (  >~<)

Lily: *kiss my furry ass* T_T 


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