Friday, July 4, 2014

Patriotic Nail Art

I wanted to post this on Memorial Day because a design I did last year for Memorial's you all never got the chance to see. But since I ran into a few snafus, I thought about forgoing it but I changed my mind knowing that 4th of July and Labor Day is coming up soon.

BOMB Pop Nail Art

I don't know if you love frozen treats and sweets like I do but as a kid I always loved the Bomb Pops. It's this patriotic colored popsicle that has flavors of cherry, lemon and blue raspberry. Unfortunately the lemon was replaced with lime and that kind of ruins it.

Anyway I used Essie's No Place Like Chrome and Sally Hansen's sugar coated textured nail polishes Sugar Fix (white), Cherry Drop (red), Razzle-berry (blue) [you can see more of those here]. And Seche Vite as a top coat for the chrome.


Now honestly I can't remember what nail polished I used for this. But I'm sure it was either Essie, China Glaze or Sally Hansen unless I found an awesome color by Wet n Wild, Pure Ice or Sinful Colors. But I think any color blue, red or white will do with design. I used nail art stripers to make the firework. Simple and easy and still just as festive.

Star Bangled Flags

Now I know I used Essie's No Place Like Chrome, Blanc, Aruba Blue and Jag-U-Are (red) for this one. To make the stars on the flags I used a nail art striper and just dotted. I actually enjoyed doing this one a lot. I was sort of disappointed in myself for not posting it two years ago lol. But we finally did. To do the flag stripes I actually painted my nails white and then used striping tape and then painted the red over the white and let it dry before removing the tape. Then I believed I used tape to make the squared blue, as for the semi-circle or half moon blue I used french tip guide tape. Now for the pointer and ring fingers I used french guiding tape for that called teardrop. I got that idea actually from a nail art I had seen that was like an opening zipper. I painted the silver chrome on first and then painted either the red or blue on.

Well I hope you enjoyed these nail arts and I also hope you guys and dolls have a great, safe and fun Fourth of July!!


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