Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feature Points

Do you love your smartphone??

If you said no reread the question. 

If you said yes—GREAT!!

Ok so I came across this last night. At first I'm like this is totally garbage and reminded me of swag bucks immediately. You bust your rump to collect points and then end up with virtual or cheap amusement park prizes. 

Then after I tried it, within an hour I earned 1000 points. The best part is can use the points you earn to buy other apps. Yeah you know those games you want but you're broke?? Or that new game everyone's talking about?? Now you can get it free of charge and just by using the points you've collected! 

But it gets even better...... Let's say you save up your points. Guess what?? You can get gift cards. Or even paypal money. How awesome is that?? You can get a amazon gift card or even a Starbucks gift card. Hell you can even get an iPad mini!! 

So what's so hard about downloading a free app, opening it for 2minutes and collecting anywhere from 50 to 300 points!? Plus you get points when you refer a friend! They get 50 points and so do you! 

Get Feature Points on iOS or Android to earn awesome rewards for trying free apps. Use for 50 bonus points.


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