Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Living Solutions

Sometimes in life when we know it's not working but yet we try to make it work only because that out natural survival instincts—we find when it finally falls apart, it's not the end of the world persé it's actually the relief we've been dying for. Whether it's losing a friend or loved one, falling out with someone you never thought you would, losing a job or being forced out of comfort zone into the unknown. It seems bad at first but sometimes it's for the better. 

As May comes to a close this has been by far the most eventful month in my life so far. My birthday sucked as it normally did. I panicked at the fear of not being able to take care of myself financial because my job at the school bus company was lousy and my paychecks kept getting smaller and smaller. I ended up succumbing to those get rich quick scams and schemes. And got all caught up—very stupid indeed. But desperation drove me to it. I tried selling everything I could find that holds value just to get something. I was frustrated, loss and stressed and to top it all off I made myself sick and I didn't like it. 

So I was given my relief. I lost my job. Got fired so to speak or as they put it "let go." But you know what I didn't care. I was being force to find another job anyway. So that just means there's got to be something better out there for me. If I have to spam the shit out of the employment world then I will do so. In the mean time I'll hustle the best way I know how. 

Yeah I was mad and pissed to find out I was fired. But I'm blissful. Because I now have the time to get my life in order and get my home in order and start over again. I may not like starting again from the beginning, but I'm a little smarter and wiser this trip and hopefully whatever stumbles I come across I'll be able to overcome them. 

What people don't understand, when you're alone to begin with, you do everything on your own. You make sure you're independent enough to deal. I don't have the supportive network of family and friends, or doting parents to fall back on, or even the job experience as everyone else—but I know how to survive. I will do whatever it takes to make money and get what I need. Even if that means sacrificing everything with the hope and faith of making it I'm fin to do it. No regrets and no second thoughts. 

Things, financially suck ass. But I'm willing to do whatever to get out of the tut I'm in and start anew. 

This may be a problem. But on a simple twist of fate it's also a solution. 

And this time around, this rabbit won't be backing down. 


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