Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Finally Free"

"Finally Free"

For the clouds to be lifted, 
I can finally see the vision that's in front of me
—No bullshit
Asphidity free, I plan to
Live for the Moment
Let it embrace

Feeling the
Exhale blissfully and live for an


  1. If you think about it, the American life is not the happy dream that its commonly claimed to be. That I have observed quite well as a non-American.

    That is not to say that individual Americans may not be very happy with what they have, but that on the whole, the American lifestyle is very high stress, and a whole other set of issues.

    Ok this is going to sound a bit biased, and maybe ethnocentric, but there's no "politically correct way" to say this:

    - There is a decided short-term orientation towards life. Long term happiness is not emphasized. There seems to be a sense of happiness is always some item (whether that be the next smartphone, next vacation, next piece of fashion clothing) away. In reality, such things only give a brief and temporary sense of satisfaction, then such people are off lusting for the next thing.

    - An unwillingness to look at the past, to reflect, and to make changes. For example research after research study shows that consumerism is not the way to happiness, but there's no desire to change.

    - Excessive emphasis on appearances, from having the most expensive clothes, to judging others based on their apparel, their cars, houses, etc.

    People treat you different based on how you dress anywhere, whether you wear jeans at the store or well, fancy clothes. That's true everywhere. But the difference I find is much bigger in the US than before. Europe too is pretty big on clothing, but their fashion is different (it depends on the nation).

    - Finally, there also seems to have been a decline in civility. I do see a lot more "watch where you are going" and blame the other person more often when I deal with Americans. Race is also an issue that is (barely) concealed in some cases. Driving too can be a problem as drivers these days are more aggressive. Little things like this tend to add up.

    I think that looking at the direction that the US has gone over the past 40 years, there are some very real reasons why things have gone the way they have ... and most (if not all) of the problems have been self-inflicted.


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