Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rain Puddles

Today we had a rainstorm this morning and usually I can't stand it when it rains. Especially if I have to go out in it. I even dislike it even more because my job has an all mud parking lot for the school buses so going through the rain and trying to avoid the drops, mud you're also trying to avoid the puddles. 

In most cases I would avoid the puddles. I don't like to be unnecessarily wet for no reason because it makes no sense. Not today. This morning everytime I approached a puddle I wanted to jump in like you do when you're a little kid. But I kept holding back because of what society says is appropriate and inappropriate. Then that made me think of how much society and rules regulate our lives and prevents us from missed opportunities. It prevents us from trying our best and experiencing something that could be so enlightening that we are left in awe. What baffles me the most is the fact that they constantly tell us as kids to go do what you want, nothing but yourself is an obstacle. But as soon as that child version of us wants to jump in the puddle because we feel it's right and we want to know the experience after that....Isn't there always someone else telling us not to because it's inappropriate, it's rude, you shouldn't be doing that. 

It's like I've had a ton of people telling me I can live my life within the four walls of my home. I understand that to a point. But if I say, fuck it—I'm fin to just leave the house, grab the kittens and move to Colorado I'm making a rash decision, it's inappropriate and if I can't make it work here why am I going elsewhere to fail. Then I have to wonder if I'm not prospering here and not getting the life that I'm suppose to be living as a 20-something filled with fun, happiness and excitement all around. Then wouldn't the next best thing to do is leave or go found out how to make that happen?? 

I think if I find another puddle today, tomorrow or Friday....I'm definitely gonna jump in it. 


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