Monday, July 22, 2013

But In Reality

Hi Kids!!

I hope you all weren't too alarmed with my last post thinking that I had kicked the bucket or something. It's just been lately everything seems to be going hay wire. It seems I can't catch a break or even get some solitary moments to myself to even potty without some craziness popping off and ruining my life. Since I have a few spare moments I decided to come talk to you guys and dolls because I've miss you all a lot!!

Last month, I began writing a post on what happened. Unfortunately more shit popped off about that, and fucked up a lot. Not to mention my wifi was down for two months, typing on a phone for everything is a pain in the thumb joints! Anyway, I ended up sideswiping a car, it wasn't bad but it was bad enough that my side mirror on the passenger side was damaged as well as the back door who was missing a handle. Then the whole ugly scrap from the friction of the cars. Well this dude, not only wanted money but he refused to give up insurance information and him and his elderly posse jumped me like i fucked his ca up until it was totaled. It wasn't, his driver side mirror housing was knocked off and all he needed to do was replace that and pop the mirror back in, his wasn't shattered like mine. Plus his scrap that needed to be buffed out. I was livid they acted like I did it on purpose! Number one he was parked on a street where parking isn't allowed and it was during Friday night rush hour. Like dude what the fuck were you thinking??

Long story short, it took a whole month to get that fixed just so the car can go in and get repaired. But the friggin insurance company was giving me a hard time about getting the bumper fixed which got hit while I went out shopping one day and someone smashed it the fuck up. Yet the insurance company said it was my fault and how I should've known to call the police or them when it happened. Granted I understand that now, but if I don't know then I don't know so don't scold me like I'm some little ass kid. So now the Big Betty Van is in the shop getting repaired and all spruced up. Hopefully after we can take her to go get inspected. For I'm getting acquainted with the VW Passat rental we got. Not a huge fan but it's a pretty decent car lol. We got Love/Hate relationship going on.

Hmm, what else happened?? Finally got my internet back on but only hd short spurts to get on and do stuff. Mama hasn't been feeling too good these last couple days, so I'm hoping and praying she'll be alright. I finally lost my battle with Mother Nature, this week. I had been period free for 5 months and I was totally enjoying myself. But oh no she came and karate chopped me in the uterus and thus yay a period and shit. I'm so pissed with her right now and no one knows how much I want my tubes tied or uterus removed.

Anyway, I had planned on making up for the ItzMzBunny cram courses during last month. as well do a few up coming projects but I think I may have to post pone things a bit until I get my life back on some fucking track :p. I do have like 3 things I really wanna post for you guys and dolls.

As for that last post, I was just disgusted that I was told I can never do or have anything and I have to learn to accept that. It's like being told you will never blossom into a flower because you have no petals and you're more of a weed than anything else. Which I know isn't true and I was born a flower like everyone else, you just kept ripping my petals off and telling me to wait my turn. I'm tired of seeing everyone get their way and what they need and I get nothing. Pisses me off.

Oh!! Plus I've been getting stalked by this crazy ex-con bitch that's mad because her mom married my uncle. Ain't that some shit?? I had to block and delete my uncle because I'm beginning to not to trust no family member with shit. Then I saw my cousin a few weeks ago actually at the store and bitch act like she didn't know who I was and stared at me like I was a mirror or some two way glass. She even continued on, after I said hello to her. I'm like yeah, I've been real sick and tired of your bullshit I try too be nice and talk to her on facebook but she act like I did something to her. Fuck that petty shit. I have little to no time for it lol.

So don't worry, I'm here! I just got my plate way too full and it's taking me longer because I have to eat with my fingers and wait for the society to get me a utensil smh.

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