Saturday, June 15, 2013

—(•·÷[Wicked Midnight Series 2]÷·•)—

"Wicked Stars"

I've Forgotten to Love
I've Forgotten to Trust
I can't seem to remember;
I need to recount the wicked stars...

"Wicked Scar"

In the darkness I fell
Down in the ground I dwell
I can't seem to cast a spell 
This scar is 7 years old
Why hasn't this wound gotten well??

"Wicked Heart"

Deep in my heart
I fear we can never part
You stabbed my heart so gently
Yet it bleeds so profusely 
I may never come to love another like you, so intensely

"Wicked Mind"

It's crazy
It's jumbled
It's confused
It's been misused and abused
That inaudible sound is wretched 
It's my mind....
I just have to remember where I left it—

"Wicked Stars vol. 2"

This isn't what I dreamt of
This isn't what I signed my soul for
Heartbroken over an intangible love
Thy eyes seems not to rain but pour
I'm at a loss
Purposely left
This isn't what I asked for 
This isn't what I wanted
I was jipped
Should I still bless my (un)lucky stars??


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