Friday, June 7, 2013

So Talkative!


Why is it when you whine, complain or just be vocal on any topic or situation or how you're feeling. There's always this dip stick that comes and what to offer all the advice and conversational words in the world but can't help you out??

Like if I say I'm tried of everybody else being able to move forward in life and say how jealous I am of that. Some retard comes along and says if I stop being jealous and more positive and make things happen I can have what everybody else has.

Last time I checked, I cant force someone to marry me or impregnate me. I can't get money without a job and I can't get that job without paying off my student loan debt. I can't get an apartment without money, a job and perfect credit. I can't go shopping with my mama because I'm broke and she's too old to conquer a day of hanging at the mall. I can't have a birthday party if my so called friends won't throw it for me but oh I forgot, I should be doing all that....but I can't because you need money.

Some things are meant to be for some people and for others, well we're those other people's stepping stones, their foundation. Like some of us are meant to be rich, parents, teachers, lawyerd and seasoned globetrotters. The rest of us aren't. It's set in stone.

The way these people talk they'd say if people didn't want to die they would just open their eyes.

You stupid twat, death is permanent and unchangeable. The fuck are you?? A Zombieland enthusiast?? Geez!!

I need to delete people from my facebook, I'm beginning to get agitated.


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