Thursday, June 13, 2013


So I happen to get an email from Glassdor about available jobs in my area. Usually I delete the emails that offer jobs because its just depressing as hell to see all these available jobs but knowing I can't apply for them because I don't qualify or I don't have experience and a college degree. Then in some rare cases like today I check to see what they have to offer. 

Well one job was working at the bank as a customer service representative for selling services. No bank telling. I clicked in it and the job was no longer available even though it was just posted a few days ago. I got pissed immediately and went to change my subscription settings. I don't want to see bullshit and bar it fuck with my emotions for no reason. 

Well in the midst of being agitated I decided to job search. Not only did I not find any jobs close to home. I found one with a place called Vector who sells cutlery. Ok, we'll play their game of apply here and now and get an interview tomorrow crap. I applied and low and behold the woman calls me around 3pm. It all seemed good and was working fine. But there was something about this place that felt reminiscent of a past memory of fuckery.  

Well the woman asks if I can come in tonight at 7pm for the interview. Red flag shot up like a penis on heavy duty Viagra pills. Oh I see what you did there. I told her I couldn't commit to that and she's like why not its quick and easy, blah blah blah. I'm like I can see but I can't guarantee. Well she immediately got a twang of disgust in her voice and decided to give me an appointment for tomorrow at 10am and I need to be there at 9:45 to fill out paperwork, I need to dress professionally, come on time and how I'll be trained because experience isn't required. Too good to be true right??

Even though I reluctantly agreed, I still felt uneasy about this. It didn't seem right. I then decided to go look at the website. Now the cutlery they sell I've never heard of. Both websites not only lack in information but give more compliments to themselves of how awesome they are and how they know you want to buy at least something. Yeah something's totally wrong here. Well the more I read and got less and less I was taken aback because this felt all to déjà vu for me. 

Well then I checked the email she sent to me about when my appointment was going to be and time and other tidbits like directions and such. When I looked at the map she attached it wasn't of the location she was located. Matter of fact it was nowhere near there. The more I studied this map then it finally hit me!!

This place is the same one I applied to last year around this time. They told me they were located on the outskirts of where the one local mall is. Which is about 30-40mins away from me. The woman kept trying to get me to come out at 7pm or 8 or even 9pm. I'm like I can only do that it I have an address. She refused to give me an address! Said I needed to guarantee I was coming and would be there on time. I said no. Well she said she'd get her boss to call merge next day to convince me to come when they wanted me to come. I'm like no. Well she called but I refused to answer. I had done that game with them 3 times. That want me to say I'm coming to the interview before they give any information about themselves. Plus they were under a different name last year. And a different product as well. 

Not only am I tripped out I fell for the same bullshit twice. But I found out its a commission based job. I won't be getting $14 an hour like she said. I'll get $14 when I have a sell with someone. Oh yeah, we have to go door to door or via Skype or something and do live demonstrations of how awesome these knives are to get someone to possibly buy. What through me is they pay weekly. Like who wants to bust their ass for 5 days and only come out with $14?? 

Even though the opportunity is nice, the pay, things involved like going door to door and making little to no money on commission isn't worth it. Then the over aggressive nature of getting you to interview and meet everyone and get set up was a bit of a turn off and quite creepy. 

I think I misjudged this company and assumed it for the best. At least they sent me to the local office which is closer to me than the other. Unfortunately the lady will be getting a call tomorrow morning to tell her I won't be coming in. 

I need a job, not a commission based lemonade stand and I only get a small proportion. 

Nah I'm good!!


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