Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Orkut Scraps - Fathers Day

I just wanted to wish all the wonderful men out there a Happy Father's Day. Cherish this day like no other and I hope that you all show the good men in your life all the love, appreciation and gratitude they are due. 

As for the dead beats and losers alike. Yawl need to stop. One day that kid may give you your last drink of water. They may even be your savior. But I find it sad that you can't accept a (mistake or) responsibility and do the right thing. You got your kid out here jealous of other kids because you have a personality issues. That's not right or fair. You need to wake up and smell the coffee before you'll be six feet under wishing for all the things you regretted you could've done. 

To all the women out there fulfilling their role as a "Daddy." DO THE DAMN THING!! You go! I commend you. There are far too many children who will never know what daddy is, who he is, what's it like to have a father's love. And with the way the world is changing, the lesbian couples are due a card and a tie too!! You are an extraordinary woman for having not one but two roles. You are what I call a Boss Lady. You deserve to be recognized on Father's 


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