Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hair Yoga pt. 2

Well I must admit that stretching a perm did work well for me and my hair came out nice. I'm a little disgusted I had to use a small portion of a second box of perm because the companies refuse to fill the jars all the way up. Plus I noticed this time around while I was perming it stripped a lot of my hair color away. You can see it up close but from a far it looks dark.

I'm pleased with the results and my hair straightened nicely this morning regardless of the whole talk about getting that frizzy unrelaxed relaxed look.

Then trying to style it, well I put it in its usual part, curled the ends a bit and tried to put it in a banana clip. Not only did it tangle up but it fought back like a black belt. I went in search of styles and either they were too complicated, not a good choice for my hair or meant for either shorter or longer hair. Thus I got fed up and put a headband on to call it a morning.

I couldn't sit here and wonder why there's so little to nothing on help with hairstyles for relaxed hair. Or hey even a hair type like mine. Since my hair is mixed, I don't have the best grade or texture but I don't need a full strength perm or anything because my hair is delicate. Even my hair line is different. So as I gazed across different hairstyles, I couldn't help but feel offended that every colored woman is screaming natural hair. I love it!! Don't get me wrong but I also know for me I can rock the natural style with my hair being way above my shoulders. We're talking short. Because then all I got to do is wash it and spritz and I got this awesome bed head of fluff curls. Worst part my roots will continuously be curly like that. But once I let it grow the longer it is the more it'll wave. Not only do I have two goings on, but my hair is fighting back and refusing to participate.

So maybe while I'm taking a break to collect myself for June I might decide to do a few posts on hair. I've been through everything!! Like the previous post my hair had gotten so damaged it stopped growing and I had this crazy looking do that could only be tamed by a short hair cut. I for one also know what its like to have untamed hair. It only parts itself and that's it, same spot every time. It's been doing it for YEARS!! But want to hold a curl, nope. Want some bangs, nope. Want a cute up do, how about a up don't in a downward motion?? Or a cow lick here, possibly maybe some static electricity over there. Don't get me started on my hair being tied in knots and secured with beeswax. Kinky twists are nice but not for that purpose. I ended up having to chop my hair off in a fit of a rage and frustration because it wouldn't come untangled and it hurt like hell. Which resulted in my two year long natural curl phase.

That's the only problem with going from extreme to extreme with your hair. The transitions and time to adjust are the pits. Growing hair from a boy cut sucks, going from a Bob to shoulder length sucks and now that mine is past my shoulders, yeah it sucks lol. The funny part about it is I've always had long hair prior to cutting it off, yet now I have not a clue what to do with it. I feel lost or maybe like in math class and trying to remember what happened last year. Just a foggy flashback of what may have beens.
I think for now I'll stick with my messy buns, impeccable pony tails and wild flowing dos until my hair grows a bit longer where I can do more with it. It's all worth in the end.

Unfortunately, I can't wait to wash it so I can trim my ends. They've gone all goofy and won't even straighten out any more. At least it's only a half an inch or an inch at the most. I think I make up the Hair Yoga technique and just remember to trim the ends when I do too.


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