Friday, June 14, 2013

A Panty Mishap

The other day when I went to the store. I had to take a brief potty break. 

Speaking of the potty. Why must the lights be automatic?? It's nice and fancy and all. But dammit after I get done cleaning up whoever pissed all over the seat before me and put down a safe barrier for my poor anus and vagina. By time I sit down to actually go. The lights go out! Fucks with me EVERY TIME!! 

Anyway. So while I peed in the dark and finished my duty (laugh now while you can). I get up, snatch the pants up you know the routine. Until I looked at excessively loud toilet flushing itself. I noticed something black on the ground. When I stared at this thing, staring back at me so seductively. It finally dawned on me as to what it was!

You see these sexy panties?? I've got a pair. They have a Bunny on the crotch, so yeah you know why they were brought. Anyway they come with the removable garter straps. Mine are a bit different from these and has see-through sheer strips in the front too that in vertically down. My garters have tied bows and ribbons galore. These pants are pretty kinky.... Don't judge me

Anyway so there lay my garter strap on the floor. I quickly snatched it up and went to reattach it the whole time thanking Allah that it didn't get flushed down the toilet. 

Well it happened again but luckily I was at home. Then I recalled why I hadn't wore them in a long time. The fact that I have to keep seductively touching the front and back of my thighs just to make sure they're still there or not is quite nerve wracking. I love them and think they're hella sexy but the process to keep my garters on is a bit much. I think we might lock them away for good now lol. 

Have any of you ladies had panty, garter or bra mishaps?? Did it go smoothly or turn out to be a natural disaster??


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