Monday, June 10, 2013

50 Lesbians Doing Wrong

So I didn't want to steal the title. But in my usual check for email, I came across one that not only caught my attention but made me want to read more.

50 Things That Lesbians Need To Stop Doing is an article on I must say that I am over the moon!!

Most of the things I cannot relate to or even say that my lesbian friends have done them or are capable of them. That wasn't why I got all excited. #26 got me all excited. 

26. Talking shit about bisexuals.

I can honestly say that throughout my whole experience whether being bi-curious or bisexual. I've always come across negative lesbians who felt well you're bi and that's fine but your not allowed to be a lesbian. Like its some secret cult you have to asked in and then you have to swear to never be attracted to nothing but women to get a membership card. What the hell?

I'm not trying to say that there aren't bisexual women who are literally confused and go back and forth like a ping pong ball. Yeah that's wrong and I agree that they shouldn't be doing that. The same goes for the bisexual men. However for this case, we talking about the women. I get offended when a lesbian woman automatically says I'm a flakey, confused and bisexual wannabe. I am not. I am not confused or slightly in the experimental stage honey. I am attracted to both men and women. I can even say I genuinely say that both give me a lady boner if I see one that tickles my fancy. Regardless of how feel about each. I can see a cute guy and say he's a hottie. I can see an attractive girl and say she's gorgeous and still get the same feeling for both. 

But it's hard to find fellow bisexuals where I live and it seems this city is more divided between gays and straights and nothing else and I think that's wrong. It's also unfair. I'm not straight or gay and quite honestly I don't want to be either. 

It seems to me there's more disregard for it in the gay community than oppose to the straight community. The straights are either ok with it or they're not. Gays want to act like they're embracing all big bear hug like the whole while stabbing you in the back and screaming how you don't belong in ancient gay tongue or something. It's ridiculous. 

I think more people need to not only be more considerate of the bisexuals but learn to accept that some of us just love both sexes. In my case I can also be classified as a pansexual because If I find you attractive yeah I'm totally going to tell you and even inform you of my future raping your hot sweet ass (lol).

Hopefully this can change and this will one be a future will bisexuals are not queer and misjudged all the time. 


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