Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Height Of Ignorance


I wanted to post this when it happened but I was so irked by it I needed to think on it. Even now it trips me out to another dimensional universe--literally!!

So this past Saturday I went out to get me and mama some snacks to curb our late night midnight munchies. Well of course you've got to go to the 24-hour joints if you want anything at all. So I had one stop in one neighborhood and then went to one of the livelier parts of the cities to the 24-hour Get Go. Which is a gas station, restaurant, pit stop, convenience store with potties all rolled into one.

Well I get there with my jammies on and noticed they had millions of flyers and posters talking about that they were hiring. I thought I give it a shot but then again I also knew I didn't stand a chance at even landing a phone call saying they threw away my resume and application.

I went in and picked up a few candy bars and some drinks. While I was there it was unusually crowded with college kids, old people and other Night Prowlers. Well when I walked in I noticed this guy talking to this girl. When I was ready to buy my stuff, he was still standing there talking to her. So you couldn't help but eavesdrop while waiting in this long line.

The two guys in front of me we're talking about something someone from school did. Immediately in front of them was another guy I'd say he's mid-twenties or early-thirties. Well he was the best pal to the Casanova hitting on the faked out Rapunzel. We'll call them Casey and RaRa (like Lady Gaga) for short.  The friend can be Tyrone and then there's Bunny (me).

Even though the store was crowded, you could hear Casey and RaRa's whole conversation. He would say some sweet nothing and pay a compliment like they're we're being sold out tomorrow. She'd giggle and smile acting bashful the whole time. While in the check out line I noticed that not only did Casey NOT BUY ANYTHING. Tyrone didn't pick up anything. I'm like well the TV (yeah they have a TV at this Get Go) had CNN or something to the equivalent on. So you all didn't come here for snacks, nor food or to watch TV. Very Suspicious.

Tyrone's turn at the check out came and he asked the boy for either a cigar or cigarettes if not both. I was half paying attention because I couldn't understand why there was this long line! So Tyrone had this roguish type of voice, but with a hint of scary to it. While Casey sounded like a Birdman wannabe. You know the rapper?? Yeah him. Tyrone gets hid smokes and heads for the doors to right. Now I'm in to Casey's deal. I wondered what was it about RaRa that had him so fascinated. Even more so why is he going over board for someone who now looks or to me seems very disinterested in you by texting on her phone and ignoring you?? Now is the time to examine everyone.

Tyrone had on black jeans, black shirt, black hoodie and black and white Jordan's. Hmm. Casey had one blue jeans, some sneakers, a black and white fitted with the brightest white shirt I have ever seen in my life. To wear white to a place that you might get brushed with dirt?? Better yet it's windy and a bit dusty out, really sir?? Somethings not right. Then it was time to examine RaRa's ensemble. Not only was she built like an upside down isosceles triangle, most people call it top heavy. I'll go so far to say she was heavier in her chest than Wendy Williams. She had tooth picks for legs. No hips. Her hair weave she tried to clip it into an updo and you could se tracks and bad hair and that stuff was STIFF!!! Her top was one of those with the faux cardigan attached. It was like 20years too young. That thing was crying and begging to be killed it was so small. She big gold bamboo bangle earrings, quite a few set of gold chains draped her neck. Then several gold bangles for both wrists. At one point she rolled up her sleeve and she had tattoos from her knuckles up her arms on both arms. The left had love written on it which look like was done in that super fat ginormous Sharpie. Bad tattoo. The rest were oversized leopard prints. They were so big they looked like birth marks. She wasn't very pretty, and her lips were like winter storm chapped and dry. Her skin even looker dry and ashy in an unhealthy way. She had on this new blue Bahama Blue purse that was flatter than a pancake. It had that accordion effect to it but it was hella flat. Then her nails were a hot hurt your ears give you a nosebleed neon pink, the ring fingernails were a metallic silver like Essies or something. They were artificial and they were hers but looked....manly. Too little too tight skinny jeans and lord only knows what was on her feet.

I stood there wondering we'll why her. It wasn't out of jealousy or me feeling unattractive. My bowling pins PJ bottoms and grey babydoll shirt and jacket and chucks weren't that bad. Neither was my messy bun which I groom everyday. And my nails always look nice or at least I think so. Plus I wasn't the only one dressed like that, there were quite a few people there that night dressed for bed who wanted snacks too! I said whatever and while Casey was leaving he said to RaRa:

Now I gave you my number so don't forget to call me tonight so we can hook up later on tonight.

Really?? It's almost 1am, who the hell is hanging out at this hour besides owls???

They left and I finally got a chance to get checked out. In the mean time RaRa decided to devote her attention to the Cashier Boy and giggle and grin all over him. Unbelievable.

As I was heading for the right side doors, I came in on the left side. I stopped and read another poster about Employment and how if you applied and then went to the job fair you'd have a better chance at getting hired. I stood there reading this as someone went in the store by the other door. For a minute I considered part-taking into this but the thought left as quickly as it came.

Outside its not as lit up with bright fluorescent lights like the other Get Go's. So it was a bit dark. I noticed Tyrone was sitting in a black car with a black interior on the driver side while Casey stood there with the passenger door open. They gave me these queer looks and I just stared blankly like I usually do and began to mosey to the hippie van which was parked a bit far from the place.

So out of the Midnight Blue Casey says to me, 'Are you having a girl's night in? Can me and my friend join you?'

Now this place is shaped something like an Octagon in the front so you can't see one set of double doors or who goes in them. But you can once inside, weird I know. So I wasn't sure if he was talking to me and I looked back perplexed like huh? He says yeah I'm talking to you before I could turn around and continue my walk. The funny was he wasn't talking like he wanted my attention, it was a few octaves above a whisper. He asked me again if I was having a girl's night in and I responded no. So then he says you ain't even going to talk to me?

I immediately got pissed, not only are you talking to ne above a whisper but you talk to me in the dark and then three if you were interested why didn't you talk to me in the store or flag me down then?? What the fuck we're you doing talking to RaRa for?? Call it petty or call it what you may I was ticked and even more offended when he said he couldn't believe I didn't say hello to him. So I said Helloooo!! Because by this time I'm ready to go home. Then he says, 'Damn you ain't even say Hello right, how the fuck you going to approach me like that and not act right?'

Approach. Approach you? I approached you??? I hopped in the car and drove off to home. I didn't approach him, if my staring set off the wrong message, I would assume he hit on everyone since his and her conversation wasn't a bit subtle or quiet or private.

Then I got mad at the fact she got the whole courting package with a side of flirtation, mega watt smiles and a phone number. He was busting his ass to get in good with her. Then I come in second and basically get an offer for a threesome and he expects and assumes I'm going to say yes and be all giddy super duper excited about the so called "offer."

Why do I always finish second or last or sometimes not at all. I'm always that last minute option. I hate that with a passion. With people of the platonic nature I'm ok with it and I can get over it. With guys, that's worse than a flat out rejection. They act like I'm suppose to be some secret sex toy Vampire only allowed to be seen by naked men who has this over exaggerated insatiable need for sex. No love, kisses or candied flowers. No day time outings. As for communication goes, no call him, he'll call me usually at 3am talking about how we can hang out at 4am or how the wifey gets home at 5pm and to hurry my ass up. Then after he's done doing his "business" with me I'm being told to get the fuck out and treated like dirt, mud even.

But when I demand to be treated better, or get the same "title" and honor he gives the wifey or whoever she is. He tells me I don't deserve it and never did. I'm not good enough and I don't deserve to be respected, loved or anything because I have nothing to offer a man.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't asked to be a female. Better yet I doubt your woman has anything to offer because if she did then your sorry ass wouldn't be painting the town with your bullshit. Of course then I get cussed out and told how much better and more inferior his woman will always be than me.

No matter what angle I go for or what technique I try. I get the same result, a bad ass rejection or he'll come back and use me as a second or last minute option. I remember asking one guy for his phone number and he told me no because he didn't want a crazy chick like me calling him constantly like some psycho. Or its because I'm a college drop out, or I'm unemployed or I'm broke or stingy with my vagina. Last time I checked my vagina was attached to MY BODY. It's not some bakers dozen of free cookies to-do as you please with.

I am officially done with guys. They either want your phone number to masturbate to you, or breathe heavy like a creeper. Or they say how interested they are in you and you never hear or see them ever again. Or what I always get, the honorable duty of sucking his cock and babysitting his kids for free while him and Ms. Fancy-Two-Tits go out and have a blast.

I think after Saturday night I'm good with being single. I don't even have the get-up-and-go to deal with men. I always find something wrong and none of them are because of being too picky. He's either gay, a cross dressing drag queen, uninterested, married or taken, or only after a reoccurring one night stand with no strings, commitments or anything really attached.

Yeah well here's to many more Friday and Saturday nights spent at home in my room with my Sims and my Blog.


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