Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Instances


Since I'm waiting for the food to be cooked and made I thought I talk about something.

They say that Life is what we make it. It is our oyster and we should do with it as we see fit. They even say that there endless possibilities and how we can be whatever we want without being questioned or judge or even told No.

But in the light of Adulthood which doesn't happen for everyone at the same time we finally that isn't the case and we'll get penalized and scrutinized for every step we take and mistake we make. It's a ruthless and cold cruel world. The saddest thing about it there's nothing to do about, no way to change it and it would take many lifetimes of seeing no results for generations of the 31st century to see them. Not fair at all.

One thing they forget about is some of us are destined and the rest aren't. People are meant to be lawyers, doctors, police and firemen, teachers, parents, grandparents, singers and CEOs and CEOs and even luckier than other. Then the rest of us aren't. That's just the way it is. No need justify it or raise eyebrows on it. Like some of us go to college and others don't. Those that attend college some are lucky to graduate and others aren't. And those graduates, some get jobs and other don't. Those that get jobs advance on with promotions and raises and the others are stuck in Park literally. Out of that bunch that advance and have the potential of greatness, only one of them can be President, Vice President, the CEO, so on and so forth. The rest are just pawns. Even in that highest ladder, not only are you slighted but there's another CEO better and more financially stable than you. Now if we all destined to be these up on top high as pie in the sky super humans, then who would we dictate to? Who would work for us? Who'd be selling, marketing and advertising our product? Who would be the consumers and customers buying our product or service?

The same goes for Life mile stones like having kids and getting married, retiring even. Some of us do and some of us don't. Some are great parents and others aren't. Some kids are grateful and others won't know what they've got until its way too late and gone. Some of us retire and other die before they ever hear such a word.

In all of this, we still have time as q society to judge people and make accusations and pose claims that aren't truthful in the least. We judge those who drop out of any school, why we aren't married by 21 or 25 at the latest, or how overweight people are considered lazy and failures, how women who are childless are selfish and mean and failures at being women, or how men aren't real men if they haven't conquered as many women as possible. Then it gets in-depth where you can't find q job if your a single childless woman, or an obese man no matter how many degrees or experience you've got, or how your not entitled to these secret cults. Or even how bisexual people are confused and flakey and wants to have their cake and ice cream. Yet they still claim we can be anything we want.

I wanted to be a mom and married. No one ever told me that I would be rejected horribly by men or that I would be told I'm not good enough to have such a want or how I have to find something else to do with my life. The same goes for people who sing, yeah they're better than those out here in the industry but someone or some people feel they aren't good enough. Some of the brilliant or genius minds are amongst us, but they can't go to college because they can't afford it and financial aid isn't enough so they have no choice but to be a burger flipper. You tell girls its okay to be fat or chubby, yet slam her with how men love skinny women and skinny women alone, better yet you refuse to hire her for employment or tell her she can only be paid peanuts because she's not thin and "gorgeous" that's a bit much.

Yet Life is an opportunity, it's our oyster and we do with it as we see fit, we become who we want to be--no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But only in some instances are some of us really allowed to succeed and experience that.


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