Friday, May 17, 2013

Pretty vs. UnPretty


They always tell us girls when we're little that we have to look cute and be innocent to bring the whole package of being a girl and being cute together. If you aren't cute no boy (and in rare cases no one) will like you.

However never made it a point to be stern enough to say that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. I mean force feed that to us. Not to use as a plight or something to make you think on. Too many girls get heart broken or hurt badly all because of looks and no one seems to have a remedy for that. They just shrug it off with an 'oh bother' and ignore it.

To me that's so sad. There are plenty of girls who go into the world happy, free, comfortable and confident. It's already a big deal when you have other girls bringing you down. But when the boys do it that's a bit much to me.

I read this article and after I made my few comments, I've been following the comments. The author is explains that the reason why an attractive woman has problems when it comes to dating is because she's chased by the hunters, scares off the weaklings and is basically emotionally unstable in some regards. His slight so called advice doesn't work. He gives the whole KEEP AT KIDS YOU'LL GET IT SOMEDAY speech. But many of women have and some have tried so hard like me and found out before it was late that relationships weren't part of the agenda in the first place.

Well someone commented and said how women need to understand that when they approach a man she catches him of guard and he's confused and so on and so forth. I'm ok with that really. However there's been guys I've approached who blew me off. So I can't take that as excuse. Or how there's Mr. Right in the corner watching secretly and happily from a distance of two worlds. Well if that's the case Mr. Right is lacking some serious communication skills, he has to be depressed and must be confused. We all get scared, I'm not going to say we don't. But you shouldn't pass up an opportunity either and it doesn't hurt to ask question. But regret can be a pain in the ass!

Then the author and a few other guys talk about how the have friends who aren't like that and treat women with respect. Well yeah I know guys like that too but they pick and choose who to be gentlemen-like to. Nine times out of ten, it's never the nice girl from next door. It's that hoochie mama that's a turn off in everybody's book but his [Read: The Height Of Ignorance].

Well one someone commented today and said that isn't it ironic that the unattractive women want to be gorgeous thinking that would solve all their problems?

That made me think. Yeah that does happen. Even the cute or pretty girls. We all at some point wish to be prettier and more attractive and to gain whoever's attention. Not out of being vain, even though that may be true for some. But to feel and be wanted. To be the center of someone's attentions, life and their world. I must admit it has to be a great feeling. Then again I know some less than attractive women who pull in more men than supermodels can. That's even more ironic, baffling even.

So why don't they tell us that we can be and feel pretty, but we won't actually be pretty until we choose or better yet obtain a mate?? Those of us that don't are put into two categories: The Ugly girls and the women who have something wrong with them who is bound to own like 50 cats.

Something to think about.

Then I have to wonder, why are men told the same silly jargon as boys?? Some of their right of passage is silly and stupid. Conquer five women before the weekend, and nab each of the girls' panties type bull. Yet they're told you pick the prettiest woman that'll make your world everything you ever wanted. Then they pick the worst woman, and prey on the good girl to make up for slack, fill the void and have a complete dessert buffet.

Maybe they should stop weighing in on beauty and looks and appearances so much so people can learn to fall for a beautiful soul and personality. Looks eventually go for some women and men included. Make up can only cover up so much and can always be wiped away with a tissue.

I guess everyone has issues when it comes to the want of being wanted.


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