Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My, My, May


So I had decided weeks ago that I would do a project for May. I wanted to do something more than just the Taurus Facts. Then while on instagram I got inspired to do a Photo Challenge. At first I thought it would be a bit much but then I started living the idea of showing something opposed to talking about the whole while being creative and upping my photography skill lol.

Anyway so I didn't like the ones I saw and decided to make my own. That I did. Any for you fellow May babies if you want to participate have at it or hey make your own. The ones I saw said take a pic of your siblings and pets and your bestie and those are things I can't produce lol.

Thus the ItzMzBunny May Photo Challenge was born :D Plus this gives me time to finish up with April's project.

Now sit back, relax and wait to be amazed lol.

I'll have most of them on Instagram, as for here it'll be abbreviated to MPC so it's easy to find :)


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