Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Doesn't Hurt To Speak


My parents would always tell me as a kid that it doesn't hurt to say say hello to someone and even go so far and ask them about their day.

For a long time I never understood this. It seemed silly to speak to people you didn't know very well, more or less strangers and hope for a positive outcome. I was always reluctant about doing so and tried my best to avoid such situations. Then I would wonder well why do I have to be the one to initiate some type of greeting?? Why can't the stranger do it at some point?? I wondered that quite often.

It wasn't until I got older like in my teens and early twenties where that finally made sense. It's not the outcome that matters or if the stranger will be positive and receptive. It's about showing compassion for your fellow human and being able to say that not only do you want to be a better human being. You show it by putting those words and wants into actions. That makes you for a better person. I learned to live by that rule in college especially.

Unfortunately I also learned that sometimes, it does hurt to speak. It's so bothersome to some people that they go out their way to make you look like an ass and enjoy every single moment of it. They take great pride and pleasure in making it a miserable experience. You know what I'm talking about the whole staring at you, walking past you in the street or make you stand there talking to yourself like a moron. In one since its sad but you've also got to learn to cut your losses.

It seems like nowadays with the way people act. You say hello and you're either getting cussed out, ignored or being ask whats your favorite sex position.

But I find it odd when a person you see daily can speak to one person and not the other. I do find it rude but it bewilders me because how do you look at two people and only say hello to one of them??

Better yet how does one determine that they won't speak to someone just based on appearance or because of something petty or silly.

Well for me I try not to get too friendly and if someone says hello to me, I say hello and ask them how they're day is and try to give a smile. I even try my best to say please and thank you. Most of the time I people watch. If they seem to be staring heavily, then I say hello and wave briskly. Just to throw them off and make them feel uncomfortable and then partially guilty.

Maybe one day we as people will become more friendly amongst each other. Hopefully then we can speak and say hello and be ...... Well be genuine about it.


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