Thursday, May 16, 2013


So I'm sure you guys and gals know that with the change of Modern Technology, People have thrown out those magazines and reading materials we all once used to kill time while in the bathroom. Now we use iPads and other tablets to spice things up a bit and make potty time a bit more enjoyable--ehh and maybe too enjoyable.

Anyway so my mom was reading this catalog she received in the mail from a place called Hammacher and Schlemmer. I had never heard of the place and she said she gets it often and how strange the items are. Hmm guess I never paid much attention. Then she finds something and said that if we had it I'd probably move into the Bathroom and Blog and pee and poop my life away lol. Don't cringe we're all family here haha.


Not only is this hilarious but imagine you would never get any sane technology loving person out of the bathroom!! I was floored, yet I'm intrigued and I want one haha. Then again it frightens me when I think back to when I dropped my first iPhone into the toilet by accident and it never did recover.
Then I went on over to their website to see if such said awesomeness was available and low behold there it was same price!!

I might be tempted enough to ask Madea to get this for me for my Birthday this year hahahaha


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