Monday, May 27, 2013

Hair Yoga


So I'm sort of in the middle of the process of doing my hair lol. I needed a break and decided to write, it's been awhile anyway, right??

I never got a chance to tell you guys and dolls about my hair fiasco a few months ago. I decided to wash and straighten my hair. Usually I leave it go during the winter months because straighten and styling it is usually because of the different temperatures you go through in the colder months. Unfortunately my cousin's hard water tore my hair up and made it unmanageable. That needed to be fixed ASAP!

It came out fine and it was a good 4-5 inches longer than last year. To be honest I was surprised, mostly because over the recent years my hair wouldn't grow past my shoulders. I was happy and decided right then and there I wanted to grow my hair out like it used to be when I was a girl and try all those awesome hair styles I see.

Unfortunately, since I permed (or relaxed it) last year around this time exactly. My new growth was like a hot fuzzy iron brilo pad mess!! I flat ironed it and it came out nice. But these last two months unh-unh. The rest of my hair still had that permed look, while the new growth well let's say it was speaking loud, clear and obnoxiously for itself. I'll even admit I had a few moments of wanting to cut it short but it's been almost 8 years since my hair was the length it was now and 6years since I've had long hair. I'm really excited. A part of me misses going natural and wearing springy curls all over my head, yet the straighten hair is so much more manageable for me.

This time I instead of perming all of my hair. I decided to just perm the new growth and see how things would go from there. When I tried to remember what my mama used to do, I drew nothing but blanks. All I remembered was she permed my hair in August and between January and March. I never had a problem really. When it became my problem, I've had ton of disasters. From it being chemically ripped out to being burnt by an hair appliance to even my hair falling out due to my illness. It wasn't until my cousin's mom told me what she uses that I decided to organic olive oil. Ever since my hair has come out silky smooth. But it's finicky and wants nothing but that.

So now I'm hoping the perm stretch (A.K.A. the Hair Yoga) works. If not I've got organic olive oil that'll do my hair some great loving lol.

I can say this much, this is the best state my hair has ever been in. It's stronger and more resilient. It even holds a curl for days. Everyone has the answers to what works for damaged hair. But I've had all the damaged hair, and olive oil pretty much did the trick for me. Also not every person is the same and our bodies react to things differently.

We shall see if we'll keep this wonderful new Hair Yoga technique.


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