Sunday, May 5, 2013

Don't Take It Personal...


There are just somedays where I don't want to get up. I just want to stay in the bed and sleep. Better yet just stay in my room where I know it's safe and far from the misguided realities and overly exaggerated high expectations of the world.

Because recently I feel like every time I step out of bounds from my comfort zone I'm immediately plagued by some nonchalant bullshit of the third kind. Yet I'm the one who takes the blame (more like forced if you asked me). I'm the one put in a situation and told to figure how to get out. It's like being in a big hole, there's a ladder up there but society says well climb out the hole place the ladder, get back in the hole and climb out. Well what the fuck I'm in a 1000 foot hole.....the response is oh you can do believe in yourself or that loveliest one, you shouldn't've went in that hole in the first place.

C'mon seriously why would I want to be in an unhappy or messed up situation?? Last time I checked I wasn't digging holes for the hell of it, I'm pretty sure I was promised this magical seed of life, happiness and unicorn farts. Nooo, I get handed this yesteryear Easter jelly bean like make it work. My name ain't Jack and I don't live near or around a beanstalk bitch.

Ugh. Kids these last couple days have been frustrating and my head is exhausted. My allergies are acting up badly. All I really wanna do is go to bed and sleep peacefully right about now.

But I know too, the only way that's going to happen is when I get to my death bed. I wonder where the bloody hell is that bed anyway?? I just want a nap not a permanent sleep (at least not yet)...


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