Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Doesn't Hurt To Speak


My parents would always tell me as a kid that it doesn't hurt to say say hello to someone and even go so far and ask them about their day.

For a long time I never understood this. It seemed silly to speak to people you didn't know very well, more or less strangers and hope for a positive outcome. I was always reluctant about doing so and tried my best to avoid such situations. Then I would wonder well why do I have to be the one to initiate some type of greeting?? Why can't the stranger do it at some point?? I wondered that quite often.

It wasn't until I got older like in my teens and early twenties where that finally made sense. It's not the outcome that matters or if the stranger will be positive and receptive. It's about showing compassion for your fellow human and being able to say that not only do you want to be a better human being. You show it by putting those words and wants into actions. That makes you for a better person. I learned to live by that rule in college especially.

Unfortunately I also learned that sometimes, it does hurt to speak. It's so bothersome to some people that they go out their way to make you look like an ass and enjoy every single moment of it. They take great pride and pleasure in making it a miserable experience. You know what I'm talking about the whole staring at you, walking past you in the street or make you stand there talking to yourself like a moron. In one since its sad but you've also got to learn to cut your losses.

It seems like nowadays with the way people act. You say hello and you're either getting cussed out, ignored or being ask whats your favorite sex position.

But I find it odd when a person you see daily can speak to one person and not the other. I do find it rude but it bewilders me because how do you look at two people and only say hello to one of them??

Better yet how does one determine that they won't speak to someone just based on appearance or because of something petty or silly.

Well for me I try not to get too friendly and if someone says hello to me, I say hello and ask them how they're day is and try to give a smile. I even try my best to say please and thank you. Most of the time I people watch. If they seem to be staring heavily, then I say hello and wave briskly. Just to throw them off and make them feel uncomfortable and then partially guilty.

Maybe one day we as people will become more friendly amongst each other. Hopefully then we can speak and say hello and be ...... Well be genuine about it.

The String Of Things


As I'm sitting out here in this 80 degree weather watching my up-the-street neighbor's son manicure her land and the one next to hers. You know they want it to look gorgeous, like something you woulda seen on Robin Leech.

Anyway, I don't think I told you guys about him being a super creeper.

The woman next door to his mother, her daughter has a huge crush on him. But he tries his best to avoid her. The house next door lived a girl there with her two kids who's aunt used to live across the street. They both has since moved and the aunt's daughter lives there. I think he was hooking up with the girl and would always come see her late at night, park on the darkest part of the street and stay and leave still during the twilight hours.

Well last year, he came up like he usually does cuts the lawns, tends to the bushes, sweep and all that. I occasionally looked his way from time to time. Later that evening I went down to the McDonalds. As I  was entering the Mickey D's because I had to potty, he approaches me.

Here's how the conversation went:

Him: Its nice to finally see you out of the house and off the porch. It's good to get out and do things. Especially in your case since you're young.

I'm standing there staring like what the hell is this guy following me or something?? All I could do was say yeah and sort of nod.

Him: Well I know you don't know me but I'm friends with your parents. It was so sad to see your father go, I truly cried about that for days.

Did this creeper just tell me he had a bromance for my father???

Him: Well you know I live up the street. Matter of fact directly across the street from you. I must say it's nice seeing out like this.

So I stood there as he was trying to corner me. I guess the look on my face resonated disgust and I wasn't falling for his retro ass played out pick up lines.

Him: Well you don't know me....

No shit Sherlock.

Him: My mom is Mrs. C from up the street.

When it dawned on me, I'm like ok so what the hell is this dude talking its nice to see me out and stuff. I couldn't help but get disgusted that he's 20+ years older than me and he thinks he's the cat's pajamas!!

From that day forth, I watch him. I didn't like being creeped on.

Anti-Pick Up Lines


I found this on Pinterest and couldn't help but share this after I pinned it of course lol.

People this worth keeping in hands reach!!

The Truth About Inadequacy


Monday, May 27, 2013

Hair Yoga


So I'm sort of in the middle of the process of doing my hair lol. I needed a break and decided to write, it's been awhile anyway, right??

I never got a chance to tell you guys and dolls about my hair fiasco a few months ago. I decided to wash and straighten my hair. Usually I leave it go during the winter months because straighten and styling it is usually because of the different temperatures you go through in the colder months. Unfortunately my cousin's hard water tore my hair up and made it unmanageable. That needed to be fixed ASAP!

It came out fine and it was a good 4-5 inches longer than last year. To be honest I was surprised, mostly because over the recent years my hair wouldn't grow past my shoulders. I was happy and decided right then and there I wanted to grow my hair out like it used to be when I was a girl and try all those awesome hair styles I see.

Unfortunately, since I permed (or relaxed it) last year around this time exactly. My new growth was like a hot fuzzy iron brilo pad mess!! I flat ironed it and it came out nice. But these last two months unh-unh. The rest of my hair still had that permed look, while the new growth well let's say it was speaking loud, clear and obnoxiously for itself. I'll even admit I had a few moments of wanting to cut it short but it's been almost 8 years since my hair was the length it was now and 6years since I've had long hair. I'm really excited. A part of me misses going natural and wearing springy curls all over my head, yet the straighten hair is so much more manageable for me.

This time I instead of perming all of my hair. I decided to just perm the new growth and see how things would go from there. When I tried to remember what my mama used to do, I drew nothing but blanks. All I remembered was she permed my hair in August and between January and March. I never had a problem really. When it became my problem, I've had ton of disasters. From it being chemically ripped out to being burnt by an hair appliance to even my hair falling out due to my illness. It wasn't until my cousin's mom told me what she uses that I decided to organic olive oil. Ever since my hair has come out silky smooth. But it's finicky and wants nothing but that.

So now I'm hoping the perm stretch (A.K.A. the Hair Yoga) works. If not I've got organic olive oil that'll do my hair some great loving lol.

I can say this much, this is the best state my hair has ever been in. It's stronger and more resilient. It even holds a curl for days. Everyone has the answers to what works for damaged hair. But I've had all the damaged hair, and olive oil pretty much did the trick for me. Also not every person is the same and our bodies react to things differently.

We shall see if we'll keep this wonderful new Hair Yoga technique.

Go Put More YUM In Your Schedule

Hey Kids!!

The Olive Garden is offering a pretty sweet deal. You can get $3 off any two lunch entrées or $5 off any two dinner entrées!! How awesome is that?! But you'd better hurry up because this deal ends June 9th, 2013!!

So print the pictures below out and if those don't work Click Here!


Friday, May 24, 2013

I Got 99 Problems And Being 26 Is One Of Them

I thought turning 26 would be an enlightening experience. Especially within the first few days of this particular age. However, not only did I get like 40 Happy Birthdays, but my week as turned into a complete disaster!!

My flip flop broke when I tripped off our stoop that's by the front door, I got caught in the rain not once but twice!! Don't get me started on whatever made me super duper sick for two was either the coconut water or the breakfast sandwich that wasn't prepared properly. Then, my computer decided to be an ass and refuse to save my game progress in my sims and I was pissed no doubt, then wouldn't it close the game and then claim it's time for an update, what the hell?!?! 

Here's the kicker, not only was I and my poor aching feet drenched in cloud pee, but my cell phone, the back up one, got wet and refused to turn on yesterday! I finally got it to work finally and now I'm happy. To be honest....I dread Saturday. Did I mention I may be starting a diet for Sunday??? 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding Juliet


Ok, I sort of met this guy. For now we'll call him Dell.

He wasn't someone I would immediately be attracted to, and him being a Leo left me very unsure.

Yet when it all came together, we are by far more compatible than I would have ever imagine. He's not very handsome, but he has a nice smile and a please disposition (so far at least). He seems to know what he want and is man enough to say so. No beating around the bush or making same lame story up.

He has a job, nothing fancy but a job is a job. He's ambitious, smart and one of very few guys I can have an intellectual conversation with. He seems quiet and to himself, and wants more out of life than whatever's given to us by default.

Believe it or not, he didn't get creeper out when I said I never had a relationship with a guy before. Didn't hesitate when I mentioned my bisexuality. He said he doesn't want to rush me, and most of all sex wasn't apart of any of our conversations.

The more contemplate this and wonder. Can I really make it work with a Leo?? Even though I wasn't looking for him, could he have possibly been looking for me?? But even though all this seems and feels too good to be true, I must admit I'm hesitated and my heart is wary and uncertain. I want to, I want to see what it could be like. Yet my heart and my mind says, "Remember what happen last time??" Then there are those "things" that make me feel really inadequate. It makes be self conscious, lose what little confidence I do have and wonder if there's someone out there better than me for him. Then I say to myself, how I must be kidding is this going to work? There's also a few things about him that rub me the wrong way, but for some odd reason I've learned to get past them. Just like accepting he's a Leo...

I've heard a lot of people say ne wary of those who want to rush into things. But....what if this didn't feel like the others?? Where it doesn't feel like a scam or that there's a strong possibility that I might be taken advantage of?? What if this turns out to be the best thing that's ever happen to me??

Still, I'm reluctant and uneasy about all this. I said I was giving up after all and throwing in all the towels. Have I possibly spoken too soon?? Last time my Romeo didn't pick me to be Juliet; neither did my Ramona or her sidekick. It left me jaded and unhappy. Well there's only so much rejection one can take before you reach a breaking point. Yet my curiosity is peaked and I want to find out, I want to know what its like.

Trial and error is the way you make mistakes, learn some lessons, gain some wisdom and most importantly grow into a better, different and stronger person each day.

I think, I'll see what happens. Give him my number....maybe. Hmph, what's the worst that could happen?? Oh yeah, I can get attached and be rejected all over again. But I can't help but believe his words. No truer words have ever been spoken to me by a man.

I just hope that if I decide to take this leap of faith this time, my parachute opens up when he changes his mind about catching me.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh Deer?!


So this crazy thing happened.

I'm pissed and driving after I find out Rita's is closed. While on my way to my next destination, tell me why this crazy female deer decides OH hey I can cross the street now even though there's a car coming.

This crazy bitch jumps out in front of me, so I'm like OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP!! I'm trying to stop without slamming on the brakes, why this ho decide to run TOWARDS ME?! I'm like BITCH WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! I would've swerved if there's wasn't a car coming on the opposing traffic. So then she decides out of the blue OH MY GOODNESS THIS HUMAN IS ABOUT TO RUN ME OVER WITH HER HIPPIE VAN. Her punk ass ran behind this big old decorative boulder.

I'm pretty sure I had like 5 heart attacks and 2 strokes. That dumb broad playing in the street and shit.

The wild life is out to get me, I'm sure of it.

1:18 AM


It seems in the recent years that every year my birthday comes I always, miss the time I was born.

I was born at 1:18 AM (a Wednesday to be exact) and I've always been honored my mama remembered what time I was born and if it was hot or cold and other tidbits. So ever since she told me I'd stayed up until 1:18am May 20 and end my day May 21 at 1:18am. It seems once I hit my 20s, I wait for it and then when I look back at the clock it's 2am like what the hell?!

It never fails. This year I was waiting and it was 1am and I was excited. Next time I looked at the clock it said 1:30.

Anyway, I can't say it was the best birthday or the worst. I spent most of the day beating the heat and napping here and there. I did get on the computer and spent time with ny Sim friends while I would pop in on facebook and thank one of the 30+ (out of 700) friends that gave me well wishes. I know what I want but since people don't want to participate I have to find something more affordable and less frustrating. Trust me not too many people are willing to throw a birthday bash for friends like you would do for them. Even the regular stuff I did it and it was ok, but I would like people to get the notion to wish me a Happy Birthdays and mess.

So my mama wants to do something som maybe after I take her to vote tomorrow we'll go to Eat-B-)Park and maybe have a day at Rita's or something.

In the mean time, I'm fin to get me a.chilli cheese dog abd then head home to see what's exciting going on on the Sims world.

It's was an ok birthday but I don't like getting older. For the most part, I'm looking forward to my thirties, hopefully they're a lot better than the 20s we're lol.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I don't honestly know, but maybe because I'm getting older and my life is stuck in Park literally. I'm just not feeling turning a year older. Between last year and this year it's like another depressing holiday I'll be spending alone.

Well not completely alone but Madea's.getting older and isn't up for anything challenging. So its more of another day that comes as quickly and leaves briskly.

I did excited for a moment and wanted to do something fun. Since everything I googled all included paid trips, outings and spa visits or happenings with friends I don't have. I'm pretty screwed in the fun department.

I said I can't let that stop me. There are pros and cons to having friends and unfortunately I got a huge dose of the cons than the pros. Actually never had any pros. But that's besides the point, sometimes you expect people to give back to you what you gave them. Unfortunately that's never the case. And sometimes it's even lonelier in a group who pays you no attention or act like you mattered oppose to being by yourself.

Then I'm thinking well an outing would be nice. But I'd feel silly sitting at the park by myself staring into space and I don't want people watching me like I'm some freak because I'm people watching or on a space cadet ride lol. For a quick moment I got depressed and thought how this isn't where I expected my life to go much less exist in this same conditioned routine. Yes it can be changed but when change involves other you get no satisfaction nor move closer to where you'd like to be.

So there I sat wondering and trying to.figure out how to have a Happy Birthday. Most people said I should get gussied up and go out and meet people. Honestly I don't want to be too friendly and I'd rather not go down that road. I want to keep driving past that particular detour.

What does a "loner" do for their birthday?? The same thing I do every year: dread it to hell and back, think about how many fun birthdays I had, and when will I have another fun birthday.

Then I look at everyone who says they get happy birthday wishes from families and how the only family that worry about my birthday was my mother and father. Not that I don't appreciate that, I just expected that people who are my blood relatives would be happy that I was born and celebrate it and not damn it into the ground every year. Same goes for those who claimed to be friends, I couldn't get a bag of chips thrown my way let alone them do something nice for me.

Thus it never fails, I get excited for my.birthday to come and then it sucks or turns out like crap. Or in some rare cases like this year and a few others I find myself doing nothing. I just don't know what to expect any more.

Even as I sit here I'm baffled as to what to do. I know it's my day and what I would love to do isn't a possible. Even to fake it out would be hard. But I realized after seeing a bunch of fellow May 20th Birthday holders on Twitter that even though I may not get exactly what I want, I should still enjoy it. I may not get the bog old birthday party where everyone's happy to celebrate with and for me and honestly that may never come. I shouldn't forsake my own birthday for the less than pleasurable personalities of others.

So I may be at home today, I may go to the park, I may go to the porch and take a nap. It even sucks to be turning 26. But I'm going to look forward to it, even if it seems and sounds depressing. You win some and you lose some; in the end its all going to be worth it. I hope someday I can look back on this and say oh hey that's when it all finally came together (maybe lol).

For now my day will consist of me washing my hair, listening to good music and possibly blogging here and there lol.

Happy Birthday fellow May 20th Babies. I hope you all have a wonderful birthday too!

A List Of 4 Words You Never Want To Hear

I've heard all of these except for the one about being diagnosed with Cancer.

I would welcome that one, at least it'll have a reason and purpose, than to be just because people are unsure about their feelings or they're just mean spirited if you know what I mean....

Taurus Fact #15


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Childish, Much??


So I just saw this guy I went to high school and elementary with. He was jock and played a many of sports. He was so into himself that he wouldn't give any girl the time of day. He's dark skinned and has the nasty attitude you'd ever see in your life time, plus he's short too. I mean let's face it this guy was a real asshole!! His dad grew up in same neighborhood as my parents. They even said his father was just like him as a kid, so I'm assuming it's genetic.

So here I am and I'm like wow look at him, still looks the same. But only difference was he was pushing a baby stroller. For a moment I gave him credit for getting over himself and getting on with his life. Not saying it's right to have a baby out of wedlock, but let's face it this guy thought NO FEMALE was good enough to even follow his shadow. Boy was I wrong. In the midst of my gawking at him and trying to figure out if the baby was a boy or girl. He whips out his wave brush and starts gussying up!! Then I was like, damn I guess some people never change or grow up or even get over themselves lol.

Update: Maybe not all hope is lost!! When I finally went I to the store, he was looking at the bouquet of flowers. I know his mom died while we were in school from cancer I think (don't quote me on it) and unless the flowers is for her grave. I'd be really stunned if he brought those for a girl lol.

For Those Who've Got A Say-So In Your Life, Show Them This


Taurus Fact #14


Friday, May 17, 2013

Bunk Beds


Change For Something Better


Pretty vs. UnPretty


They always tell us girls when we're little that we have to look cute and be innocent to bring the whole package of being a girl and being cute together. If you aren't cute no boy (and in rare cases no one) will like you.

However never made it a point to be stern enough to say that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. I mean force feed that to us. Not to use as a plight or something to make you think on. Too many girls get heart broken or hurt badly all because of looks and no one seems to have a remedy for that. They just shrug it off with an 'oh bother' and ignore it.

To me that's so sad. There are plenty of girls who go into the world happy, free, comfortable and confident. It's already a big deal when you have other girls bringing you down. But when the boys do it that's a bit much to me.

I read this article and after I made my few comments, I've been following the comments. The author is explains that the reason why an attractive woman has problems when it comes to dating is because she's chased by the hunters, scares off the weaklings and is basically emotionally unstable in some regards. His slight so called advice doesn't work. He gives the whole KEEP AT KIDS YOU'LL GET IT SOMEDAY speech. But many of women have and some have tried so hard like me and found out before it was late that relationships weren't part of the agenda in the first place.

Well someone commented and said how women need to understand that when they approach a man she catches him of guard and he's confused and so on and so forth. I'm ok with that really. However there's been guys I've approached who blew me off. So I can't take that as excuse. Or how there's Mr. Right in the corner watching secretly and happily from a distance of two worlds. Well if that's the case Mr. Right is lacking some serious communication skills, he has to be depressed and must be confused. We all get scared, I'm not going to say we don't. But you shouldn't pass up an opportunity either and it doesn't hurt to ask question. But regret can be a pain in the ass!

Then the author and a few other guys talk about how the have friends who aren't like that and treat women with respect. Well yeah I know guys like that too but they pick and choose who to be gentlemen-like to. Nine times out of ten, it's never the nice girl from next door. It's that hoochie mama that's a turn off in everybody's book but his [Read: The Height Of Ignorance].

Well one someone commented today and said that isn't it ironic that the unattractive women want to be gorgeous thinking that would solve all their problems?

That made me think. Yeah that does happen. Even the cute or pretty girls. We all at some point wish to be prettier and more attractive and to gain whoever's attention. Not out of being vain, even though that may be true for some. But to feel and be wanted. To be the center of someone's attentions, life and their world. I must admit it has to be a great feeling. Then again I know some less than attractive women who pull in more men than supermodels can. That's even more ironic, baffling even.

So why don't they tell us that we can be and feel pretty, but we won't actually be pretty until we choose or better yet obtain a mate?? Those of us that don't are put into two categories: The Ugly girls and the women who have something wrong with them who is bound to own like 50 cats.

Something to think about.

Then I have to wonder, why are men told the same silly jargon as boys?? Some of their right of passage is silly and stupid. Conquer five women before the weekend, and nab each of the girls' panties type bull. Yet they're told you pick the prettiest woman that'll make your world everything you ever wanted. Then they pick the worst woman, and prey on the good girl to make up for slack, fill the void and have a complete dessert buffet.

Maybe they should stop weighing in on beauty and looks and appearances so much so people can learn to fall for a beautiful soul and personality. Looks eventually go for some women and men included. Make up can only cover up so much and can always be wiped away with a tissue.

I guess everyone has issues when it comes to the want of being wanted.

Taurus Fact #13


Thursday, May 16, 2013


So I'm sure you guys and gals know that with the change of Modern Technology, People have thrown out those magazines and reading materials we all once used to kill time while in the bathroom. Now we use iPads and other tablets to spice things up a bit and make potty time a bit more enjoyable--ehh and maybe too enjoyable.

Anyway so my mom was reading this catalog she received in the mail from a place called Hammacher and Schlemmer. I had never heard of the place and she said she gets it often and how strange the items are. Hmm guess I never paid much attention. Then she finds something and said that if we had it I'd probably move into the Bathroom and Blog and pee and poop my life away lol. Don't cringe we're all family here haha.


Not only is this hilarious but imagine you would never get any sane technology loving person out of the bathroom!! I was floored, yet I'm intrigued and I want one haha. Then again it frightens me when I think back to when I dropped my first iPhone into the toilet by accident and it never did recover.
Then I went on over to their website to see if such said awesomeness was available and low behold there it was same price!!

I might be tempted enough to ask Madea to get this for me for my Birthday this year hahahaha

MPC | Day 16

Day 16

Honestly I don't know how you females make this an everyday chore smh!! Lol I decided to switch it up and put the darkest at the beginning and lighter at the end.

No wonder the men get mad, putting on make up is an all day project, that's why yawl never on time!! Goodness!!

SN: I was so happy to get that mess off my face!! I like being natural all day everyday lol

Because Of You


Taurus Fact #12


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MPC | Day 15

Day 15 
A Drink

Nothing beats this 80 degree weather like an ice cold Peach Arnold Palmer I prefer the Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade but I can dig the Peach…feeling Peachy today lol



Taurus Fact #11


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Instances


Since I'm waiting for the food to be cooked and made I thought I talk about something.

They say that Life is what we make it. It is our oyster and we should do with it as we see fit. They even say that there endless possibilities and how we can be whatever we want without being questioned or judge or even told No.

But in the light of Adulthood which doesn't happen for everyone at the same time we finally that isn't the case and we'll get penalized and scrutinized for every step we take and mistake we make. It's a ruthless and cold cruel world. The saddest thing about it there's nothing to do about, no way to change it and it would take many lifetimes of seeing no results for generations of the 31st century to see them. Not fair at all.

One thing they forget about is some of us are destined and the rest aren't. People are meant to be lawyers, doctors, police and firemen, teachers, parents, grandparents, singers and CEOs and CEOs and even luckier than other. Then the rest of us aren't. That's just the way it is. No need justify it or raise eyebrows on it. Like some of us go to college and others don't. Those that attend college some are lucky to graduate and others aren't. And those graduates, some get jobs and other don't. Those that get jobs advance on with promotions and raises and the others are stuck in Park literally. Out of that bunch that advance and have the potential of greatness, only one of them can be President, Vice President, the CEO, so on and so forth. The rest are just pawns. Even in that highest ladder, not only are you slighted but there's another CEO better and more financially stable than you. Now if we all destined to be these up on top high as pie in the sky super humans, then who would we dictate to? Who would work for us? Who'd be selling, marketing and advertising our product? Who would be the consumers and customers buying our product or service?

The same goes for Life mile stones like having kids and getting married, retiring even. Some of us do and some of us don't. Some are great parents and others aren't. Some kids are grateful and others won't know what they've got until its way too late and gone. Some of us retire and other die before they ever hear such a word.

In all of this, we still have time as q society to judge people and make accusations and pose claims that aren't truthful in the least. We judge those who drop out of any school, why we aren't married by 21 or 25 at the latest, or how overweight people are considered lazy and failures, how women who are childless are selfish and mean and failures at being women, or how men aren't real men if they haven't conquered as many women as possible. Then it gets in-depth where you can't find q job if your a single childless woman, or an obese man no matter how many degrees or experience you've got, or how your not entitled to these secret cults. Or even how bisexual people are confused and flakey and wants to have their cake and ice cream. Yet they still claim we can be anything we want.

I wanted to be a mom and married. No one ever told me that I would be rejected horribly by men or that I would be told I'm not good enough to have such a want or how I have to find something else to do with my life. The same goes for people who sing, yeah they're better than those out here in the industry but someone or some people feel they aren't good enough. Some of the brilliant or genius minds are amongst us, but they can't go to college because they can't afford it and financial aid isn't enough so they have no choice but to be a burger flipper. You tell girls its okay to be fat or chubby, yet slam her with how men love skinny women and skinny women alone, better yet you refuse to hire her for employment or tell her she can only be paid peanuts because she's not thin and "gorgeous" that's a bit much.

Yet Life is an opportunity, it's our oyster and we do with it as we see fit, we become who we want to be--no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But only in some instances are some of us really allowed to succeed and experience that.

MPC | Day 14

Day 14
Meaning of Name 

My name is LéSans LéRue and its Canadian French for Street without a Name or a Nameless Street. My mama named me after my dad's ex-girlfriend from high school. There's no other names like it, very few with the name, small other spellings, but NONE LIKE Me ;D

It Isn't My First Time, But Be Gentle...


The Height Of Ignorance


I wanted to post this when it happened but I was so irked by it I needed to think on it. Even now it trips me out to another dimensional universe--literally!!

So this past Saturday I went out to get me and mama some snacks to curb our late night midnight munchies. Well of course you've got to go to the 24-hour joints if you want anything at all. So I had one stop in one neighborhood and then went to one of the livelier parts of the cities to the 24-hour Get Go. Which is a gas station, restaurant, pit stop, convenience store with potties all rolled into one.

Well I get there with my jammies on and noticed they had millions of flyers and posters talking about that they were hiring. I thought I give it a shot but then again I also knew I didn't stand a chance at even landing a phone call saying they threw away my resume and application.

I went in and picked up a few candy bars and some drinks. While I was there it was unusually crowded with college kids, old people and other Night Prowlers. Well when I walked in I noticed this guy talking to this girl. When I was ready to buy my stuff, he was still standing there talking to her. So you couldn't help but eavesdrop while waiting in this long line.

The two guys in front of me we're talking about something someone from school did. Immediately in front of them was another guy I'd say he's mid-twenties or early-thirties. Well he was the best pal to the Casanova hitting on the faked out Rapunzel. We'll call them Casey and RaRa (like Lady Gaga) for short.  The friend can be Tyrone and then there's Bunny (me).

Even though the store was crowded, you could hear Casey and RaRa's whole conversation. He would say some sweet nothing and pay a compliment like they're we're being sold out tomorrow. She'd giggle and smile acting bashful the whole time. While in the check out line I noticed that not only did Casey NOT BUY ANYTHING. Tyrone didn't pick up anything. I'm like well the TV (yeah they have a TV at this Get Go) had CNN or something to the equivalent on. So you all didn't come here for snacks, nor food or to watch TV. Very Suspicious.

Tyrone's turn at the check out came and he asked the boy for either a cigar or cigarettes if not both. I was half paying attention because I couldn't understand why there was this long line! So Tyrone had this roguish type of voice, but with a hint of scary to it. While Casey sounded like a Birdman wannabe. You know the rapper?? Yeah him. Tyrone gets hid smokes and heads for the doors to right. Now I'm in to Casey's deal. I wondered what was it about RaRa that had him so fascinated. Even more so why is he going over board for someone who now looks or to me seems very disinterested in you by texting on her phone and ignoring you?? Now is the time to examine everyone.

Tyrone had on black jeans, black shirt, black hoodie and black and white Jordan's. Hmm. Casey had one blue jeans, some sneakers, a black and white fitted with the brightest white shirt I have ever seen in my life. To wear white to a place that you might get brushed with dirt?? Better yet it's windy and a bit dusty out, really sir?? Somethings not right. Then it was time to examine RaRa's ensemble. Not only was she built like an upside down isosceles triangle, most people call it top heavy. I'll go so far to say she was heavier in her chest than Wendy Williams. She had tooth picks for legs. No hips. Her hair weave she tried to clip it into an updo and you could se tracks and bad hair and that stuff was STIFF!!! Her top was one of those with the faux cardigan attached. It was like 20years too young. That thing was crying and begging to be killed it was so small. She big gold bamboo bangle earrings, quite a few set of gold chains draped her neck. Then several gold bangles for both wrists. At one point she rolled up her sleeve and she had tattoos from her knuckles up her arms on both arms. The left had love written on it which look like was done in that super fat ginormous Sharpie. Bad tattoo. The rest were oversized leopard prints. They were so big they looked like birth marks. She wasn't very pretty, and her lips were like winter storm chapped and dry. Her skin even looker dry and ashy in an unhealthy way. She had on this new blue Bahama Blue purse that was flatter than a pancake. It had that accordion effect to it but it was hella flat. Then her nails were a hot hurt your ears give you a nosebleed neon pink, the ring fingernails were a metallic silver like Essies or something. They were artificial and they were hers but looked....manly. Too little too tight skinny jeans and lord only knows what was on her feet.

I stood there wondering we'll why her. It wasn't out of jealousy or me feeling unattractive. My bowling pins PJ bottoms and grey babydoll shirt and jacket and chucks weren't that bad. Neither was my messy bun which I groom everyday. And my nails always look nice or at least I think so. Plus I wasn't the only one dressed like that, there were quite a few people there that night dressed for bed who wanted snacks too! I said whatever and while Casey was leaving he said to RaRa:

Now I gave you my number so don't forget to call me tonight so we can hook up later on tonight.

Really?? It's almost 1am, who the hell is hanging out at this hour besides owls???

They left and I finally got a chance to get checked out. In the mean time RaRa decided to devote her attention to the Cashier Boy and giggle and grin all over him. Unbelievable.

As I was heading for the right side doors, I came in on the left side. I stopped and read another poster about Employment and how if you applied and then went to the job fair you'd have a better chance at getting hired. I stood there reading this as someone went in the store by the other door. For a minute I considered part-taking into this but the thought left as quickly as it came.

Outside its not as lit up with bright fluorescent lights like the other Get Go's. So it was a bit dark. I noticed Tyrone was sitting in a black car with a black interior on the driver side while Casey stood there with the passenger door open. They gave me these queer looks and I just stared blankly like I usually do and began to mosey to the hippie van which was parked a bit far from the place.

So out of the Midnight Blue Casey says to me, 'Are you having a girl's night in? Can me and my friend join you?'

Now this place is shaped something like an Octagon in the front so you can't see one set of double doors or who goes in them. But you can once inside, weird I know. So I wasn't sure if he was talking to me and I looked back perplexed like huh? He says yeah I'm talking to you before I could turn around and continue my walk. The funny was he wasn't talking like he wanted my attention, it was a few octaves above a whisper. He asked me again if I was having a girl's night in and I responded no. So then he says you ain't even going to talk to me?

I immediately got pissed, not only are you talking to ne above a whisper but you talk to me in the dark and then three if you were interested why didn't you talk to me in the store or flag me down then?? What the fuck we're you doing talking to RaRa for?? Call it petty or call it what you may I was ticked and even more offended when he said he couldn't believe I didn't say hello to him. So I said Helloooo!! Because by this time I'm ready to go home. Then he says, 'Damn you ain't even say Hello right, how the fuck you going to approach me like that and not act right?'

Approach. Approach you? I approached you??? I hopped in the car and drove off to home. I didn't approach him, if my staring set off the wrong message, I would assume he hit on everyone since his and her conversation wasn't a bit subtle or quiet or private.

Then I got mad at the fact she got the whole courting package with a side of flirtation, mega watt smiles and a phone number. He was busting his ass to get in good with her. Then I come in second and basically get an offer for a threesome and he expects and assumes I'm going to say yes and be all giddy super duper excited about the so called "offer."

Why do I always finish second or last or sometimes not at all. I'm always that last minute option. I hate that with a passion. With people of the platonic nature I'm ok with it and I can get over it. With guys, that's worse than a flat out rejection. They act like I'm suppose to be some secret sex toy Vampire only allowed to be seen by naked men who has this over exaggerated insatiable need for sex. No love, kisses or candied flowers. No day time outings. As for communication goes, no call him, he'll call me usually at 3am talking about how we can hang out at 4am or how the wifey gets home at 5pm and to hurry my ass up. Then after he's done doing his "business" with me I'm being told to get the fuck out and treated like dirt, mud even.

But when I demand to be treated better, or get the same "title" and honor he gives the wifey or whoever she is. He tells me I don't deserve it and never did. I'm not good enough and I don't deserve to be respected, loved or anything because I have nothing to offer a man.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't asked to be a female. Better yet I doubt your woman has anything to offer because if she did then your sorry ass wouldn't be painting the town with your bullshit. Of course then I get cussed out and told how much better and more inferior his woman will always be than me.

No matter what angle I go for or what technique I try. I get the same result, a bad ass rejection or he'll come back and use me as a second or last minute option. I remember asking one guy for his phone number and he told me no because he didn't want a crazy chick like me calling him constantly like some psycho. Or its because I'm a college drop out, or I'm unemployed or I'm broke or stingy with my vagina. Last time I checked my vagina was attached to MY BODY. It's not some bakers dozen of free cookies to-do as you please with.

I am officially done with guys. They either want your phone number to masturbate to you, or breathe heavy like a creeper. Or they say how interested they are in you and you never hear or see them ever again. Or what I always get, the honorable duty of sucking his cock and babysitting his kids for free while him and Ms. Fancy-Two-Tits go out and have a blast.

I think after Saturday night I'm good with being single. I don't even have the get-up-and-go to deal with men. I always find something wrong and none of them are because of being too picky. He's either gay, a cross dressing drag queen, uninterested, married or taken, or only after a reoccurring one night stand with no strings, commitments or anything really attached.

Yeah well here's to many more Friday and Saturday nights spent at home in my room with my Sims and my Blog.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

MPC | Day 13

Day 13 Hair

So yes for those of you that underestimate, there are girls with long hair. I just chose to cut it all off 6 years ago haha

What Do Boobs & Kids Have In Common??


Rockabye Deal #11


Hey kids!! 

It's been two month since our last deal and now it's time for another one!!

Zulily is having a Rockabye Deal, and you better hurry its only for 3 DAYS!!

The sale starts today (May 13th) at 6am PST and ends May  16, 2013. You get up to 55% off all rockers and bouncers.

Click the image above or click here to see this deal!

So be sure to check it out as soon as possible and get your little one an awesome gift for the up coming summer!!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

MPC | Day 12

Day 12

And what better smile than the best one I know?! Yup Yup Daddy had one that is incomparable no guy in this world can even fantasize about touching it lol (and I really mean that ;D)

A Happy Mother's Day To All [Or Some Of You]


Wishing all the mommies, daddies and grandparents out there a Happy Mothers Day. You're great for taking on the responsibility as a parent but you also enjoy it and that's what makes you spectacular. Through all the baby puke, pouting and days you wish this wasn't happening to me; you made it work and turned out not only a better person yourself but brought better people up in this world and for that many of us appreciate your hard work. This day shouldn't just cater to the women. Many men, and grandparents and aunts and uncles are playing the mommy role very well and they deserve more than just a pat on their back.

And to you lousy bitches, get up and make your own breakfast, ain't nobody cooking for your lazy ass everyday. You are a terrible mother! Yet you the one on facebook and Instagram talking about great a woman you are and you cant cook, can barely wash clothes and I'll even bet that you wouldn't know how to sew a button back on your kids clothes or knit them some hats and mittens because you're so damned selfish. You should be happy you got to have a baby, a lot of people will never experience and 50% of the times it's due to circumstances. It's ridiculous how society even says you all are the better human beings with your 3 kids by 5 different men and inability to hold down a job and use what resources are presented to you. You people make me sick! For you to demand that everyone cater to you, not only should you be ashamed of yourself but you need grow the hell up and get a life—seriously. Stop acting like everyone owes you something (especially your single friends, we are not your private babysitters!!), if you want a present ho, act like you deserve it.

For the singles and childless peoples out there don't feel agitated or depressed. This too shall pass, besides we got like a 100 more holidays that don't include us anyway so yeah, might as well not get overly upset about it. So in lieu of it all, have a blessed party/drunk/fun day

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A Smart Bitch


Taurus Fact #8


Saturday, May 11, 2013

MPC | Day 11

 Day 11 Nature 

I thought my backyard consisted of everything I needed lol. Reminds me of a modern-esque secret garden

The Ideal Candidate

Now when I came across this on Facebook I couldn't help but find it humorous for a moment. Then I got mad because this is the type of people that are getting hired over me. Hell my cousin is one of them, not only did he fuck up at college but he works as a BOSS and writes just like this kid below does!! Imagine getting one of those businessfied memos and there are more errors than a teen who didn't study for a pop quiz! It's ridiculous, but here where I live they're everywhere and they can't count money they mess up and yet they're the ideal employee that these companies are looking for. I'm beginning to wonder what kind of people are working in the higher up positions. Must be those college grads who did nothing in college but party and have sex their way to the top lol.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

MPC | Day 9

Day 9

So I decided to write a quick poem about a Panty Fetish lol. Can you believe it took me 5 times to get this written right?? I kept wanting to write in my own personal short hand haha. 

Mad People


Taurus Fact #5


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MPC | Day 8

Day 8 
Cinnamon Filter

I happen to like this filter. Not too antique but just enough color to give off a Mysteriosity aura :). I decided to use a vibrant rainbow color rose to get a nice effect ^_^. 


These are my thoughts (and yours too) exactly lol 

Taurus Fact #4

Chrome Pointer