Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #7

So while I was wandering about the internet, I came across something awesome!

It's not spectacular but it's totally worth it!

I know we all love those nail polish strips and stickers and wraps, but sometimes the colors are less than pleasing or just doesn't appeal to us, in any way or form. Heck you might want to see a better pattern or something exciting, right?!

Well, how about you make your own nail polish strips?? It'll make a nice summer activity and plus you can check out how you'd like to be a nail art connoisseur.

Anyway I came across this awesome tutorial about how to do it with your nail polish and a plastic sandwich baggy as just a good amount of patience. You can do something just as fabulous! I plan on adding this to the Bunny Bucket List hehehe. I especially liked the one girl's idea (at the bottom in the comments) about using parchment paper. I wonder if a wax paper would work, too.

If you're interested in this awesome easy tutorial, Click Here!


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