Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #6

I found this awesomeness on Facebook. I found this to be completely shocking. Well not so much but to the point it made sense. If you're really into nail art like I am, some of the brush sets do come with the fan brush. If you're clueless it'll have you scratching your head. If you're into art, you'll be asking why the fuck is this here??? Thus I put it away like I did the rest of the nail art stuff lol.

However when I saw this and saw all the other designs that you could do with it. I actually became interested! Now ask me where my fan brush is at?? It's in some god forsaking place but I have a good idea. It's either in Narnia or Unicornland LOL!

Unfortunately since the picture tutorial doesn't give much for those who are first-timers or not sure what to do. I saw that someone had found the YouTube tutorial which gives a better understanding on how to do it and it's really awesome. I would've used a purple (lilac or something) instead of the darker blue because it took away from the pink and blue. But that's my personal opinion. You can do whatever colors you want to do :).

The Video Tutorial is just a few scrolls below!


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