Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mike and Jason

Now usually when something big pops up in the world, I mostly forego talking about it because there are plenty of people out there who are going to talk about it. Not this time. I'm still livid at hearing and reading what I did early, even though my mama says I shouldn't be offended or mad about it because people are ignorant. I just can't leave it and act like I can get over it.

Those of you that know Jason Collins who's an NBA player decided to come out to everyone and announce that he's homosexual/gay. He was even on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. I thought  well awesome job dude, you are another strong and brave individual who can say how you feel and be damned proud of it regardless of your reputation or anything else. I know what it's like to want to be accepted after finding out how much different you are than other people. It's hard to even be accepted and this be the year 2013.

But I got pissed when they said that one of his fellow athletes decided to basically bash him and above all places was twitter. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for people expressing how they feel. It's better to know where a person is coming from, but you don't say the first thing that comes to mind and expect it will be well recepted MIKE WALLACE!

I could not believe that Wallace had the nerve to sit there and say that all these beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with guys followed by a half assed apology and saying how he doesn't understand why someone wants to be gay. To see the full bullshit by Wallace click here.

The fuck do you mean?? 

Here's why I got so pissed. Not only did he slander another human being for being who they are, but you had the nerve to say that there's all these available women. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not going to disagree with that fully. However to say there are available women, yet I'm sure if he gets out there him being a black man he wouldn't go and find him a black woman. No he would go grab the nearest, easiest white girl. I'm not knocking interracial relationships, I'm a product of one. I just don't condone it when any man or woman doesn't give EVERYONE a fair chance. Don't say all black women are the same, I partially fall under that category and for you to assume I'm a hoodrat and don't know what fine china and stemware is offends me. I'll even go far enough to say yeah I say all men are alike and when I say that I mean all men. I don't segregate or just flock to the colored race, I've dealt with Caucasian men, Chinese, Japanese even European men and I end up with the same result: them telling me that I'm not marriage material but I'm good enough for a quick fuck and a blow job. DUDE PLEASE!

I don't know much about Jason Collins and can only say very little about him. But did it ever cross anybody's mind that he has a reason to be gay?? Did you even consider that maybe he got the terrible females that turned him off?? What if he's a really nice guy and by his smile I'd say he is, and he got rejected by a bunch of girls all the time because they wanted to be with a douchewaffle like Mike Wallace?? Maybe he was gay to begin with and just couldn't come to terms with it until now?? There are so many possible reason as to why he decided to be gay and for whatever that reason is, that's his business and the only one who should be concerned or upset should be him and him alone and whoever he worships if he's religious.

Then I thought about, if I were to approach Mike Wallace and try to get him to go out with me or give me the time of day, he would shoot me down faster and I wouldn't even get a chance to hop on the Friendship Zone 1 subway! Here's the fucked up part, the men who aren't celebs or well-to-do or have a high reputation act like good women are hard to find. No they aren't. Those are the girls you immediately friend zone or tell her how she's going to make up for the sorry ass woman you got at home can't/won't do. You break her heart and leave her jaded and then later call her a bitch for not having sex with you or say how she needs to act the part and call her a dyke. It's ridiculous. I get pissed every time someone even says I need to lower my standards, or I need to get married or how I need to accept the fact that no man will respect me. No, No, I don't think so. I don't care if I'm living in the retro decades and this is could 3013, ain't no man fin to tell me all I'm good for is sex and then agree with society and call me a failure at being a woman when he got a shiftless and trifling woman at home who can't cook or hold it down like the women in them "retro days" did. I'm even appalled at the fact that Mike Wallace and I are the same age!!

All I'm saying is I just don't understand why people want to be straight, when you can't even find a decent man (or woman) to build a relationship with (and I don't mean a sex only relationship), that doesn't include the bullshit that you get. They sit there and say that everyone has a soul mate, I won't deny that. However what if the soul mate is married, or turns out to be a total dick or in my case all you attract are the worst kinds of people. It only has little to do with how you were raised and what kind of family you came from. In all honesty I can't imagine Mike Wallace being man enough to say to a woman he was interested in that he would marry her. Hell I'll even go so far to say I doubt he would hook up with a girl who's got a little bit more "curves" or fat as they refer to it, and be a man and date her.

To that I hope he sees and reads this. I don't appreciate a man saying there's all these beautiful women, when I'm not even getting a chance from the men. I've been rejected from the very beginning, since I was a tween then time where you're suppose to be fawned over by the boys and get your dating experience and learn the prematurity of love. No the things I'm told that don't matter, because someone will be happy to have me I'm told by men those are problems. Between my yo-you weight, my sideburns that were a bit too long or even to say how flat chested I was or how I refuse to suck. I'm not allowed to be with anyone because I have nothing to offer?? Last time I check that old snaggle-tooth broad you got in your bed sheets ain't so hot, neither are you.

SO to anyone who wants to know why people become gay or would forego all the many opposite sex creatures in the world. Remember that one person you rejected that truly had real feelings for you, that one person that was always there for you, that girl or boy you so bluntly told "you're like my best friend".....yeah remember them?? There's a huge possibility that you're the reason they're gay.

As for Jason Collins, dude do your thing! I'm sure you'll make some guy out there very happy and I approve it! Don't like the little boys of the game punk you man! At least they know and if they can't be comfortable just think some of them bastards go home to shove a dildo up they ass, like how gay is that??? 

Mike Wallace, you need to grow the fuck up, you're a bit too old to be acting like a little ass kid. But then again on the same token maybe you're just a spewing mutant offspring of your sorry ass father....or mother (if not both). Even with all the money you make, you're funky ass attitude makes you hideously ugly. I'm being bluntly honest, I don't understand why they let douchewaffles like you roam free without supervision!! Besides has anyone ever told you how ugly you are without the nasty attitude???? You's a hard looking motherfucker


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