Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Best Friends War

I wrote this after I had this crazy dream about a month or so ago, I know I'm not the only person who's been sideline when their friend gets a new lover or moves on to the point of marriage and children. Then they just automatically makes a decision and say how you don't want to participate or feel you're no longer good enough to participate. Then they don't understand why you're pissed with them or can't just come to terms to only being good for baby sitting or a present and nothing else. Friendship can be messed up sometimes and I guess that's why I said screw it, I'm tired of being forced to the sideline because I'm single and child free (which neither was my initial choice but it's still a choice) and I'm like screw it. Tired of trying to make a friend and soon as some new slut muffin comes along all of sudden they ready to forget singlehood and damn everyone around them. That's ok, I'll take hot coffee and a window booth with the Devil lol.

I also think this would be a nice song for two singers to sing!
What do you all think??  
Anyway the faded red is the "single" friend. The faded purple is the friend that turns all righteous and gets hitched and has a baby and basically forgot about her friend and didn't invite her to the wedding and doesn't understand what her issue is and expects the single friend to accept all this without a thought or ponder. The faded blue is how they both feel but can't see to communicate those feelings without it being a fight.


I'm so happy to hear
About your new love affair
You're beaming with joy
And your smile is crystal clear

Excuse me if I
Can't seem to share your happiness
No offense, but I
Don't have the mind or heart to deal with this

I love you to death
But I am really worried about you
Your hair's a mess
And I'm sorry but I can't say I'm happy for

You never come around
You're so bitter and unclear
It's not hard to belong
I miss the days that I spent with you

Everyday I sit and ask myself
Where did all go wrong?
I miss my friend and all
The memories we made

But consequence changed to sacrfice
And that touch we lost so long ago
But this new life you hold
Is a picture I can't seem to pose in
You cut me out my love

My marriage was a success
My life is envied by the rest
My baby boy is born
And I can't wait for him to be adorned

I called you today
To tell you, my good news
You took it the wrong way
What's the point?
I already know I didn't invite you...

I'm so happy to hear
About your marriage
Congrats on the baby boy
I bet your smile is crystal clear

Excuse me if I
Seemed a bit tore up
No offense, but I
Thought we were friends

It feels like I
Don't even know who you are
I'm sorry, but I
Can't find the happiness in being cut out of your world
Girl this is so messed up

But I'm so happy to hear
About your new life my dear
Don't call me again
Please know that I'm crystal clear
Listen clearly coz I
Can't seem to share your happiness
No offense, but I
Don't have the mind or heart to deal with half assed friendship...


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