Monday, March 11, 2013

X-Rated Cuppycakes

Now the other cupcakes that would have sexually explicit somethings or others were put in such a subtle way that just in case Great-Gram grabbed a boob shaped cupcake, it would look more like a Macaroon with a Hershey kiss on top.

These cupcakes I found last night....This is what you called XXX, or X-rated cupcakes.

By Jove I wouldn't mind having this has birthday decor lol. Maybe that's just me. Personally I favor the the sexual intercourse cupcake as well as the ones soaked in a cum like glaze. Don't believe me, check the picture below :D.

Now if you happen to be at work or amongst children (or both if you're in education), this might not be for you, so I would suggest you come back later. The lot of ye that are younger than 18, leave now and forever hold your peace until you're legal. Don't listen, I will lock and block this blog so quickly—SO HELP ME!!...

To see the original post on this beautiful edible art work, click here!


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