Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work Out Week | Day 4

Now for those of us with that belly pooch, or lingering pregnant tummy or like the rest of us with so many awesome tires that Goodyear is jealous. Yeah it's a lot carring all that extra junk around and on top of your car (if left the trunk LONG TIME AGO!).

Well I found this awesome set of timed routines that has 3 stages. I would personally go about it using each stage per week. And after the third week, go backwards and forwards or you do whatever it is you want to lol.

But it also gets your body use to being timed and pushing it's limits. Which is good and great! There's nothing wrong with pacing yourself but you also condition your body to expect the next move. While in this routine you're body is confused and has to adapt quickly to the ever changing routine. Plus it's the 30 minutes that you need to have a happy healthy lifestyle too!

Gangnam Shake anyone?? :D


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