Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saint Patty's Diva

I thought I would get in the mood for being Festive for the upcoming holiday that'll be here before we know it! Heck, Daylight Savings Time is this weekend!! How crazy is that!?

Anyway, I originally decided on onedesign but decided to do two instead, just took me 9 desgins later to find out what it was I wanted to do. Thus I had to take breaks in between for not having all of my homework lol. Funny thing is I had it in order just not at my Portable Adorable Nail Shop. Plus we didn't learn anything in school so my thoughts on the Irish flag was so far to the bottom that the dirt was Jealous!

Now while you're checking it out, you may have noticed something. Yes that's right!! The ring finger design is the same as the 31 Day Nail Challenge Day 28 Inspired By A Flag Japan Design! Imagine saying that five times fast lol. It looks a bit different from the last design, and it's more visual oppose to the original design, which is Japanese Nail art design. Now the middle finger design, I thought I would spice up the Irish Flag and do it in gems. I don't mind painting them, but one thing I know personally with me is the fact that I don't want to do what someone's already done. I want to re-invent it or turn it into something new! But that's just me....I like when things are difficult and plus I work well under pressure haha!!

So the color I used for the green tips and ring finger is Essie Navigate Her. I made mention of it in the Nail Polish Fart post lol. It's a pretty color and reminds me a lot of green tea ice cream for some reason. The middle finger I used a white polish as a base coat in a way, then got my gems out and glammed it up to the Nth Degree. The other fingers I used black and orange nail art stripers and a single gem to fancy it up a bit. I decided to call it Saint Patty's Diva. I'm a Diva. I'm (Saint) Patrick's Diva ;D hahaha.

Suprisingly a lot of people like this one over the Pot-O-Luck nail art on Instagram (follow me! @ItzMzBunny).......

Now I will tell you a funny. I go to link the Pot-O-Luck nail art for you all to go look at, then I realize that I never wrote the post and that was over a week ago....I'm sorry but I've been preoccupied with a really good topic I'll be typing up soon. So now you guys and dolls got something to giggle at for the night lol. I'll post the Pot-O-Luck Nail art explaining everything after this one :).


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