Monday, March 4, 2013

Roy Mustang Appreciation Post


I always come up with different things from time to time and this time I thought we were over due a Colonel Roy Mustang Appreciation Post. Why the hell not?? I love Roy Mustang he is the Mini Skirt Captain after all. It's time to pay homage to our wondrous Captain and let him know how much we love him (and to show how much we love Mini Skirts, you should like the Facebook Fan Page)!

Now please enjoy the awesomeness known as Roy Mustang...

We must Hashtag this immediately....

Roy Makes One Hell Of A Phone Sex Operator

A Lover of Animals!

He's Fantabulous...

And Alex is apparently Jealous of the fact...

He's A Hard Working Man!

He's even an Opera Singer!!

He Hands Out Lady Boners Like A BOSS!!

He's A Great Cosplayer

He's also one hell of a SNAPPER!!

Unfortunately, He Has A Downfall....

He's Useless when it rains :(

HOWEVER, Roy Mustang will always PREVAIL!!!

Just Rip his shirt off and give him a Lighter....

If Shit Gets Too Hot (EVEN) For Him, He Has A Maneuver 

It's called RUNNING

All In All We Love Colonel Roy Mustang

Sparkles & All ^_^

Viva La Roy Mustang!!


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