Friday, March 8, 2013

Pot-O-Luck Nail Art

Well because I'm a total goof, I hadn't realized I didn't post this like I should've a week ago!!

Yes, yes you can be mad. I'll allow it and accept your anger. What's wrong with me?? Well you'll have to find that out later on when I type it up.

Anyway when the end of February approached I decided that I would get read for March as far as my nails went and a few other things as well. I love the color oddly enough. It's Revlon Posh and I used Sally Hansen hard as nails black polish. For the "pot of gold" effect I used Caviar beads. Gem decals for the coins (yes those are coins in the bottom left). As for the rainbow I used nail striping tape. It looked good after I did it and I was happy! As soon as I topped it off with some Seche Vite, not only did the striping foil FADE, but it made the green polish smear badly. I enjoyed it either way but I was also happy I only did one hand.

Because of such twisted-ness, I took it off and painted the nails a nude color, Sally Hansen's Nude Now.

Either way I hope you gals and dolls liked it lol. Now you may go back to the current design, St. Patty's Diva


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