Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrating Singles Day

While I was putting together the White Day post, I came across something quite interesting and to be honest I'll even go so far and say how happy I was to see it. Then I had to wonder what the hell is wrong with America that we can have all these nice and fancy things??

Anyway, in most of the Asian countries, they celebrate a Day in April on the 14th called Black Day which is dedicated for the Single people of the world. Originally created in Korea, it was meant to allow the Singletons to come have a bowl of jajangmyeon, and wallow in self pity so to speak.

It's quite similar to the Single Awareness (Appreciation) Day [S.A.D.] here in the states, but only thing is unlike our holiday, it's not trying to compete with Valentine's Day. That's the only problem with it, plus I don't think it needs to be celebrated as a "group" activity with friends. That's like saying No I don't need a relationship for Valentine's because I got my friends to love me. That's not the case. There are many single and even widowed or separated people who want a Holiday to celebrate without having to depend on mentally unstable friends or nutty family members. Just a day to call our own and enjoy ourselves in a positive and happy way.

Either way, I don't think a single person needs to throw a self pity party with other people for the hell of it. It can be celebrated in a fun Party of One kind of way. Then also on the same token I can't imagine scarfing down black noodles, but then again I might change my mind and go pick some up especially for that day and have a good old time.

So fellow singletons, instead of making everyone think we're utterly bored, alone and unhappy spinsters and creepers. Let's show them how much fun we can have on OUR Holiday!! Damn that felt pretty good, you try it! Yeah it may be right next to Income Tax deadline day in America, but maybe this'll be the little break you needed to release and relax yourself, by all means have LOADS of fun on this wonderful holiday.

How many of you will be celebrating Black Day this year??


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